• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

Forza Nuova, CasaPound: “Dissolution by decree? Stop authoritarian drift”


Oct 13, 2021

“We are witnessing an authoritarian drift and a barbarization of politics in Italy like never before. And the hypothesis of dissolving Forza Nuova with a government decree, without first having a sentence, reveals this unequivocally. this is demonstrated by the clockwork investigations and the attempt to blackmail parties such as the Brothers of Italy and the Lega: ‘Declare yourselves anti-fascists or you are outside the constitutional arc.’ But do we really want to go back to the times of the Holy Inquisition? ? “. This is the position of CasaPound Italia in a note while the theme of the dissolution of Forza Nuova, after the clashes and violence at the No Green Pass demonstration on Saturday 9 October in Rome, is topical. “From the movement of Roberto Fiore – continues Cpi – we have always been distinguished by many things, the language of communication and style first of all. But this is not the point. No Tav, Cobas and antagonist movements are a hundred times more distant from us than we are. Fn, yet we would never ask for the dissolution of these movements, which even know something about cities on fire and urban warfare. “” In Italy, criminal responsibility is personal and everyone is responsible for their actions: repress dissent, criminalize a whole world and doing it by decree, based on summary information and in the wake of mass hysteria, coincidentally pre-election, is the death of the rule of law. And it could just be the appetizer of a dinner that sooner or later will be indigestible for everyone, depending on who will sit in Palazzo Chigi “, concludes CasaPound.