• Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021

The winter cold is coming, weather forecast for these days


Oct 13, 2021

Cold air arriving on Italy, with strong gusts of Bora and Grecale. The iLMeteo.it team informs that during the day today, Wednesday 13 October, the first signs of the raid will be thunderstorms and hailstorms that will hit Romagna and then descend along Marche, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. However, the weather will tend to worsen also on southern Sardinia and by evening in a widespread and gradually more intense manner on Sicily and Calabria. Important events such as storms and lightning floods cannot be excluded on the island. The incoming cold and impetuous winds will be responsible for the lowering of temperatures which, especially at night, will reach values ​​from the beginning of winter in many cities. From Thursday, the awakening of the inhabitants of, for example, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Florence and Rome will really beat the teeth, in fact the temperature will be around 3-5 ° C while outside the big cities, as in the suburbs and in open countryside will appear the first frost of the season. The bad weather will leave Italy already in the second part of Thursday when the high pressure of the Azores will return to invade the whole country thus guaranteeing a more stable and sunny weather also in the following days, including the weekend. Romagna with thunderstorms, stable elsewhere. Middle: it gets worse in the Marche and then in Abruzzo, southern Sardinia and finally Molise. In the south: unstable in Puglia, from afternoon / evening severe bad weather in Sicily and Calabria. Thursday 14th. In the north: sun and colder weather. In the center: scattered clouds in Abruzzo and Molise, clear elsewhere. Windy. In the south: recent showers, even intense ones on Sicily and Calabria. Strong winds. Friday 15th. In the north: sunny. Middle: good weather. South: largely stable, weekend stable and largely sunny.