• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Covid, Ricciardi: “Doing continuous wearing swabs, vaccinated will increase”


Oct 13, 2021

“I think there is some room for growth that we will see gradually realized in the coming weeks. Little by little, many people will understand that this is a pandemic destined to last for months on an international level, if not years. It will be understood that this is not the time to allow yourself a decrease in attention and that you cannot resist simply by taking a tampon every two days ”. Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, says this to Corriere della Sera, convinced that we will see an acceleration of the first vaccination doses against Covid. According to the former president of the Higher Institute of Health, the application of the Green pass will push the hesitant to get vaccinated: “Maybe there won’t be a new boom of first doses, but a slow and continuous growth. People will find that undergoing tampons continuously is exhausting, even physically. The same players of the European Championships have seen this this summer. If you want to work, travel, go to the theater or the cinema, the best solution is to get vaccinated. It is one of the safest administrations in the history of medicine and the facts prove it. Anyone who is not opposed for ideological reasons will eventually understand ”. “Past experiences – continues Ricciardi – tell us that pandemics are long phenomena and proportional to the will to fight to fight them. If a part of the population does not allow the virus to be reduced to a minimum, this risks turning out to be a long way. The government decides whether the green pass will be extended to 2022. As a doctor I can say that the fight against the pandemic requires a great persistence of the strategies that have proved effective. This is not the time to let our guard down or to talk about a postpandemic situation : we are not there yet. At the current rate – he continues – all humanity will be vaccinated only in 2024. The risk of new variants that undermine the existing vaccination coverage cannot be excluded. It is enough to see how the Delta variant: with 20% of the population covered by the doses, the government declared the pandemic over and thus encouraged reckless behavior, which resulted in m thousands of dead. Even today, four billion people in the world are not vaccinated, while 3.4 billion are. “” We must take the view that we will not be able, in advanced countries, to produce sufficient vaccines quickly enough for developing countries as well – says the professor of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine at Cattolica – India, Indonesia or South Africa would already be able to produce mRNA vaccines today. We need a temporary suspension of patents, the green light for technology transfer and the start of vaccine production in emerging countries that are capable of it. With President Joe Biden, the United States for the first time pronounced itself in favor of the suspension of patents: it is an opportunity to be seized on the fly. On the other hand, I find the opposition of the European Union a disconcerting attitude. The patents are in the hands of private companies, which understandably do not want to share their commercial exclusives. But the vast majority of governments in the world agree. We in Europe, on the other hand, continue to delude ourselves that by vaccinating ourselves, and only us, we will emerge from the pandemic. The vaccine is an extraordinary weapon, which allows us to resist. But to defeat a formidable enemy like Covid, it is necessary to do everything possible to vaccinate the entire world population ”.