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Covid today Italy, 3,738 infections and 126 deaths: 28 May bulletin


May 28, 2021

There are 3,738 coronavirus infections region by region in Italy today, May 28, according to data from the Civil Protection. Since yesterday, another 126 deaths have been recorded. Read also THE DATA OF THE REGIONS EMILIA ROMAGNA – There are 258 coronavirus infections in Emilia Romagna today, May 28, according to data from the region’s bulletin. Since yesterday, another 4 deaths have been recorded. Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, 383,282 cases of positivity have been recorded in Emilia-Romagna. The new cases were identified out of a total of 22,685 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 1.1%. Overall, among the new positives 103 were already in isolation at the time of the swab execution, 145 were identified within already known outbreaks . The average age of new positives today is 37.2 years. Of the 89 asymptomatic, 58 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 11 through tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region, 5 with serological screenings, 3 through pre-hospitalization tests. The epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 12 cases. There are 109 patients admitted to intensive care (-2 compared to yesterday), 560 those in the other Covid departments (-61). distributed: 7 in Piacenza (+4), 11 in Parma (-2), 12 in Reggio Emilia (-1), 17 in Modena (unchanged compared to yesterday), 36 in Bologna (-2), 3 in Imola (unchanged ), 5 in Ferrara (unchanged), 2 in Ravenna (-1), 2 in Forlì (unchanged), 5 in Cesena (unchanged) and 9 in Rimini (unchanged) LAZIO – There are 296 coronavirus infections in Lazio today, according to the table in today’s bulletin, May 28th. There were also 11 deaths. In the Region “out of over 11 thousand swabs (-470) and over 15 thousand antigenic for a total of over 27 thousand tests, there are 296 new positive cases (-65), deaths are 11 (+2), hospitalized are 1,111 (-50 ). The healed 1,272, the intensive therapies are 159 (-6). The ratio between positives and swabs is 2.5%, but if we also consider the antigenic ones the percentage drops to 1%. The cases in Rome city are at 168. More than 45% of the target population has received at least one dose of vaccine and more than 21% has completed the vaccination course “highlights the councilor for health and social and health integration of the Lazio Region Alessio D’Amato. 21,759 are currently positive to Covid-19 in Lazio, of which 1,011 hospitalized, 159 in intensive care and 20,589 in home isolation. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 311,273 have been healed, 8,155 died out of a total of 341,187 cases examined, according to the updated bulletin of the Lazio Region.CAMPANIA – 477 new cases of coronavirus emerged yesterday in Campania from the analysis of 11,115 molecular swabs . The percentage of positive swabs out of the total molecular swabs analyzed is equal to 4.29%. In today’s bulletin released by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region, 15 new deaths are included, 10 of which occurred in the last 48 hours and 5 occurred previously, but recorded yesterday. 7,183 people have died in Campania since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The new healed are 1,258, the total healed is 343,021. In Campania there are 69 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 761 Covid patients hospitalized in hospital wards PIEDMONT – There are 279 coronavirus infections in Piedmont today, May 28, according to data from the regional bulletin. Since yesterday, another 7 deaths have been recorded. In detail, the Crisis Unit reported 279 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 16 after antigen tests), equal to 1.2% of 23,081 swabs performed, of which 17,041 antigenic. Of the 279 new cases, 119 were asymptomatic (42.7%). There are 40 screening cases, 173 case contacts, 66 with ongoing investigation, 8 in RSA and Social Welfare Facilities, 40 in the school setting and 231 among the general population. yesterday). Non-intensive care patients are 653 (- 112 compared to yesterday). There are 5134 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 4,915,866 (+ 23,081 compared to yesterday), of which 1,629,579 tested negative. 7 deaths of people positive for the Covid-19 test reported by the Unit of the Piedmont Region Crisis, of which 1 occurred today SARDINIA – There are 52 coronavirus infections in Sardinia today, May 28, according to data from the region’s bulletin, which will be white zone from Monday 31 May. Since yesterday, 3 deaths have been registered. New cases were identified on 3,692 tests performed. The patients admitted to hospital are 150 (-5), 16 (-2) those in intensive care. There are 12,697 people in home isolation and 135 more healed. Of the 56,591 positive cases ascertained, 14,797 (+6) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 8,628 (+6) in Southern Sardinia, 5,152 (+3) in Oristano , 10.844 (+9) in Nuoro, 17.156 (+28) in Sassari.PUGLIA – There are 250 new coronavirus infections in Puglia according to today’s bulletin, May 28. Also recorded 10 other deaths. Today in the Region there is a decrease in new cases of positivity to Covid 19, compared to a very slight decline in the number of tests, and a net decrease in deaths compared to yesterday when data from previous days were counted. Also decided the increase of the healed and consequently the decrease of the current positives. The decline in hospitalized patients continues. This is the summary of the daily epidemiological bulletin, drawn up by the Region, based on information from the Health Promotion Department FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – There are 21 coronavirus infections in Friuli Venezia Giulia today, May 28, according to data from the region’s bulletin . Recorded a death since yesterday. In detail, 14 new infections were detected on 4,385 molecular swabs, for a positive percentage of 0.32%. There are also 2,268 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which 7 cases were detected, for a positive percentage of 0.31%. Today there is one death, while hospitalizations in intensive care units drop to 6 and those in other departments remain stable at 41, as communicated by the deputy governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi. following territorial subdivision: 814 in Trieste, 2,006 in Udine, 673 in Pordenone and 292 in Gorizia. The totally recovered are 92,472, the clinical recovered 5,679 and the people in isolation drop to 4,905. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 106,888 people have been positive with the following territorial division: 21,167 in Trieste, 50,609 in Udine, 20,923 a Pordenone, 12,992 in Gorizia and 1,197 from outside the region BASILICATA – There are 58 new coronavirus infections today 28 May in Basilicata, according to data from the latest bulletin. There are another 2 deaths. The 58 new cases (57 are resident) were identified out of a total of 875 molecular swabs, the regional task force announced. There are 103 recovered or negated Lucanians. With this update, the currently positive cases are 3,966 (-43). There are 72 hospitalized in the hospitals of Potenza and Matera, 3 of which in intensive care.MARCHE – There are 103 coronavirus infections in the Marche today, May 28, according to data from the region’s bulletin. The Health Service has communicated that in the last 24 hours 3324 swabs have been tested: 1686 in the new diagnosis path (of which 401 in the screening with Antigenic pathway) and 1638 in the healed path (with a positive / tested ratio of 6.1%) The positives in the new diagnosis path are 103 (14 in the province of Macerata, 26 in the province of Ancona, 45 in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, 5 in the province of Fermo, 6 in the province of Ascoli Piceno and 7 outside the region). include symptomatic subjects (25 cases detected), contacts in the home setting (21 cases detected), close contacts of positive cases (34 cases detected), contacts in the workplace setting (3 cases detected), contacts in the living / social environment (2 cases detected), contacts in the care setting (1 case detected), contacts with the involvement of students of all educational levels (9 cases detected). For another 8 cases, epidemiological investigations are still being carried out. In the Antigenic Screening Pathway 401 tests were carried out and 10 positive cases were found (to be subjected to the molecular swab) for a positive / tested ratio of 2% CALABRIA – 105 new infections from Covid registered today, May 28, in Calabria, according to the daily data relating to the epidemic communicated by the Health Protection Department. Also reported -1 intensive care, 414 recovered / discharged and 5 deaths. To date 791,284 subjects have been subjected to tests for a total of 860,788 swabs performed (more tests can be performed on the same subject). 66,559 people tested positive for Coronavirus, 724,725 negative ones. The confirmed cases today are divided as follows: Cosenza 6, Catanzaro 46, Crotone 9, Vibo Valentia 0, Reggio Calabria 44. Other Region or foreign state 0. The count also includes the two patients from Bergamo transferred to Catanzaro, while they are not included the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the Civil Protection. A case previously attributed to Catanzaro is attributed to the ASP of provenance (Cosenza). The Asp of Crotone announces a death on 22 April 2021.TUSCANY – There are 301 new coronavirus infections in Tuscany according to today’s bulletin, 28 May. In addition, another 16 deaths were recorded. 293 new positives confirmed with molecular swab and 8 by rapid antigen test which bring the total number to 240,812 since the beginning of the coronavirus emergency. New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.3% and reached 224,992 (93.4% of total cases). Today, 10,276 molecular swabs and 9,577 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 1.5% were positive. On the other hand, 7,338 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swabs, excluding control swabs), of which 4.1% were positive. The currently positive are 9.131 today, -3.7% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 565 (53 less than yesterday), of which 110 in intensive care (9 less). Today there are 16 new deaths: 9 men and 7 women with an average age of 76.4 years ABRUZZO – There are 43 new infections from Coronavirus in Abruzzo according to today’s bulletin, May 28. The table refers to another 3 deaths. Since the beginning of the emergency, a total of 1109925 molecular swabs have been performed (+3225 compared to yesterday) and 459520 antigen tests (+1432 compared to yesterday). The positivity rate is 0.9 percent. 146 patients are hospitalized in non-intensive care, 17 in intensive care, while the other 5,341 are in home isolation with active surveillance by the local health authorities. Among the provinces with the highest number of new cases, the province of L’Aquila with 13 infections such as Chieti, followed by Teramo at 11 and Pescara at 6. VALLE D’AOSTA – There are 4 new infections from Coronavirus in Valle d’Aosta according to bulletin today, May 28 and no deaths. Since the beginning of the emergency, the positives in the Region have been 11,545, while to date they are 220, 15 less than yesterday, of which eight are still hospitalized and 212 in home isolation. No patient was admitted to intensive care, with 19 units recovered to 10,853 compared to yesterday. The swabs carried out to date have been 128,668, 296 more since yesterday, of which 32,078 carried out with a rapid test. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 472 have been killed in the Region.

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