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Galli investigated: “I’m calm, becoming a public figure has few pros …”


“Becoming a public figure has a number of cons and few pros as far as I’m concerned.” Professor Massimo Galli, head of the infectious diseases department at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, thus responds to Cartabianca on the legal matter that involves him. Galli is among the 33 suspects of the Milan prosecutor’s office for an investigation into rigged competitions at the university. “This morning I had a guarantee notice that was delivered to me when the news was already in all the newspapers. I am calm, from what I read I do not see anything particular in what is being challenged. I will think about it. Frankly it does not seem to me there is consistency “in the accusations,” I put everything in the hands of my lawyer. We will make our counter-arguments, it is a matter in the hands of the judiciary “, he says, referring to” situations in which you did not imagine you could be in any way “. ‘had they been rumblings? “No warning whatsoever. The competitions all took place during 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. Had I already become a public figure? Tell us … Becoming a public figure has a series of cons and few pros, although it concerns me. I believe I have always favored merit criteria in my life, perhaps even this becomes uncomfortable “, he says. “I think I can rest assured, obviously I’m waiting for the indictment to be a little more specific. What I have read does not cause me particular concern”, he reiterates.


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