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Third vaccine dose, duration and efficacy: what Ema says


On the third dose of Pfizer and Moderna anti-Covid vaccine, authorized yesterday by the EMA for immunosuppressed and over 18, there is a risk that the EU will travel in no particular order. This was clarified by Marco Cavaleri, head of Vaccines and Therapeutic Products for Covid-19 of the EU regulatory body, during a press briefing. “We are in dialogue with all Member States and we know that at least 10 have already decided to give the ‘booster’ doses. We too recognize that the recommendations” of these countries on strategies for the third dose “are not always exactly the same, and that “there are already somewhat different approaches to booster use,” he said. “What we can say for our part is that it is important that it be used in populations for which there is at least a clear indication” of the need of a recall. “We will still try to align the Member States as much as possible on the use of” this tool, “but at this moment it is very challenging to enter this terrain of discussion about which population should receive the booster dose or not, because this it is normally the type of decision that is made at a national or even a local level. “Read also” What we can say – he reiterates – is that we see that the risk-benefit ratio of the booster is positive and that it is certainly necessary. rtate “give these doses to” populations for which there is at least a clear indication “of the need to have the booster. But “we find it extremely challenging to come into a more ‘granular’, more specific definition,” of these subpopulations. This is why this “aspect” has been left open and it is important for me to reiterate that “the one issued by the EMA yesterday is” a very preliminary recommendation, not a strong recommendation as we sometimes do when we really see the need for a “vaccination” booster. at the general population level. It is simply a concession, “a go-ahead” for the use of the booster if deemed appropriate and considering the current pandemic situation “, concludes the expert.” With booster the immune response could last over 6 months “” If you are still defining how long the “shield effect” of the second dose of Covid vaccine lasts, “I think knowing for the third dose will be even more complicated. The data will tell us. In any case, as far as boosters with these vaccines are concerned. , we have seen that the immune response is much higher than that observed after the second dose. Which means that we potentially have a fairly significant amount of neutralizing antibodies for even longer than 6 months. But only time will tell. ” Cavaleri points out. “This is why – he explained – it is so important that we continue to collect data on antibody kinetics over time, in each population group because there may be differences between the elderly and the young”, for example. Although at the moment “we are seeing a fairly homogeneous increase in antibodies in different populations. It should be remembered that the larger study formally looking at the third dose was restricted to a population of 18-55 years. In the elderly we have extremely limited data”, and being such they are not considered for product information. “But what we see from these data – he added – is that the elderly do not show any significant difference in terms of antibodies elicited by the booster compared to young people. Even with respect to the neutralization of variants of concern such as Delta”.


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