Migrants, 12 landings in the night in Lampedusa

Non-stop landings in Lampedusa, where 349 migrants arrived from midnight with 12 different landings. The patrol boats of the Coast Guard and of the Yellow Flames continued the relay race from the Favaloro pier throughout the night. The first 60, including 6 minors, were rescued by the CP286 patrol boat about 15 miles from the island aboard a boat left adrift. At the entrance to the port, the Fiamme Gialle intercepted two groups of 21 (including 4 women and 3 minors) and 13 (including 4 minors) people. Another 15, including a woman and 4 minors, managed to evade the controls: the financiers blocked them on the ground at the Madonnina pier. Around 3 o’clock in rapid succession, the new landings at the Favaloro pier: 12, 20, 18 and 15 people tracked down by the Harbor Master’s Office aboard small boats left adrift. Among them also 6 minors. Landing number 9, on the other hand, led to 95 migrants on the largest of the Pelagias and on the rescued cart there was also the largest number of minors who arrived on the island tonight: 35. The last three groups of 12 Tunisians, 51 (including 4 women) and 17 (including 2 women and a minor) people arrived shortly after. For all, after an initial health triage, the transfer to the hotspot in the Imbriacola district was arranged, where the 245 migrants who arrived in Lampedusa had been taken yesterday with 9 different landings.

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