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Denise case, the revelation ex pm: “So I was blocked during the investigation”


May 6, 2021

“That investigation was a minefield. Nothing could be done. Wherever I turned I encountered difficulties. Like when I was interrupted by a member of the police, while I was questioning a person who was giving me very interesting news, and destroying that track. That time I was really scared. Unfortunately, it was my last investigative activity, because the next day I left the Public Prosecutor of Marsala to go to the Court of Cagliari “. To reveal it, 16 years after the incident, in an exclusive interview with Adnkronos, is Maria Angioni, the prosecutor who for a period, from October 2004 to July 2005, investigated the disappearance of little Denise Pipitone, who disappeared into thin air the first September 2004 from Mazara del Vallo. Today Maria Angioni works as a labor judge in Sassari, but she still remembers all the “oddities” that happened during that investigation, which after 17 years is still groping in the dark. Yesterday there was a long inspection in the building in via Pirandello, 55, which for many years had been inhabited by Anna Corona, the ex-wife of Denise’s biological father, Piero Pulizzi. And mother of Jessica Pulizzi, the girl who had been tried for kidnapping and acquitted in the three levels of trial. Piera Maggio, Denise’s mother, has always pointed the finger at Anna Corona and her family. Maria Angioni, in the interview, also tells of other “oddities” that occurred during that period, such as the “cordon of protection” that would have risen around Anna Corona’s family. “Like when I discovered – she says – only after months, that Claudio Corona, the woman’s brother, was heard but that Sit report was skimpy. There was nothing. I was stunned”. But let’s go in order. Maria Angioni was assigned to the file on the disappearance of Denise Pipitone, only in October 2004, that is a month after the disappearance. At the time the Chief Prosecutor was Silvio Sciuto. “The first month I was not the assignee of the investigation – recalls the magistrate – then in October 2004 I became co-assignee with a delegation limited to some sectors, such as esotericism and pedophilia. Because it was searched for. researched on pedophiles, on esotericisms. Because I remember that Mazara del Vallo is an area where black masses are held “. ‘The inspection in via Pirandello was carried out at the time but we have to see how …’ “When the assignee left, that is my colleague Luigi Boccia, I became the main owner of the investigation, with two pm, still very young , that is Antonella Avila and Marco Imperato, who worked with me and who remained after my transfer to Cagliari “. But Angioni was only able to follow the investigation for less than a year. At the end of July 2005 the transfer to Sardinia arrived. But those ten months were enough to make her understand that there were too many things “wrong” in that investigation. He remembers, for example, that the inspection of the house in via Pirandello, in Mazara del Vallo, where Anna Corona lived and which is now uninhabited “was done”. “Even if there was no well that we talked about yesterday,” says the judge. “I remember perfectly well that the inspection was carried out – he tells Adnkronos – I, once I took over from the prosecutor, I studied the whole file with extreme attention. And I remember that the inspection had been done”. And he adds: “But you have to see how it was done … I tried to redo the most important things, with the collaboration of the Judicial Police section. There were just three people, and there was a criminologist, Vincenzo Savatteri, who is died a few years ago, which I had named. I remember that they went to inspect the entire outer perimeter of the house and the basements as well as the garage. Even at the time they had the cadastral paper in hand, like yesterday. I remember it perfectly. I needed the era to understand what could have happened that day “. “On that occasion we looked for a hole, a false wall, a recently built room, a ‘secret’ room where the child might have been hidden, but nothing was found”, says Angioni. And he adds: “However, I did not remember the well, even if I understand that it is in the garage next door, as seen yesterday in the images”. “And it is very important that this well was indicated by a person who made a report. Because it is one thing to go to the nose and another that a person says he has seen construction work. It is a really good sign. , it shows that people are less worried and finally speak “. And he adds: “Although, fortunately, nothing was found …”. ‘Around the Corona there was a safety net, but a prosecutor should not be appeased’ Then he goes back to talking about his investigation. In particular on the “safety net” that would have been around the Crowns. “Everyone is free, with his intelligence, to think what he wants – he explains – but I remember that a prosecutor is paid to suspect and not to appease himself”. And she says: “I found myself faced with things that were not going well”. And he gives an example: “The report of Claudio Corona, brother of Anna Corona. I remember that he answered in an arrogant way and that’s it. And whoever took the report did not go ahead. He gave an answer like. ‘And what do I know? ‘. To remain speechless. A scandalous thing. And that report was closed like this, without any further explanation “. “So many oddities have happened to me that I don’t even remember them,” Angioni says today. “I had given myself an explanation – he still remembers about Claudio Corona – but I didn’t have the proof. I honestly thought that someone from the Corona family was a confidant of the Police, with the Commissariat of Mazara del Vallo and, as you know, the confidants we tend to protect them “. Then he adds: “Here there is a confusion of intentions, perhaps those who protected him perhaps thought: ‘so much he is not involved’, but evidently he is not doing his duty, which is to look for clues. The rules were not respected and when this happens the pm gets scared “. At that time Maria Angioni had “a bit of concern – she says today – I was a little scared, in the sense that there were so many worries”. And then he reveals, for the first time, what happened one day in Ragusa: “The last few days, before I left the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Marsala to move to Cagliari, I decided to go and do a business in Ragusa. We had to do it only with the Section of Pg whom I trusted and who obeyed my directives. But, instead, suddenly, after leaving with the usual squad, I discovered that they all came with us, starting from the men of the Commissariat of Mazara up to the Carabinieri Command, that I had not asked for. We were about fifty people in all, from the initial five “. But why were all these policemen and carabinieri joined? “Because when we warned our colleagues in Ragusa that we were going, then they made it known to the Carabinieri and Police commands and they too wanted to be with us. And there a very strange thing happened that made me very worried. Here is the revelation:” There were disturbing elements in an important investigation activity. “And he specifies:” We had heard an interception, which we considered very important, really disturbing – he explains – So we went to Ragusa to hear some people. “It was July 22, 2005. The day before Maria Angioni’s farewell to the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office. “An entire family had been subjected to an interception, in particular two women – he always tells Adnkronos – But here, while I was hearing summary information a person arrives – inappropriately – a member of law enforcement, other than my judicial police team, who interrupted me and said things he should have said separately, and so it effectively blocked the flow of information that was coming from the person questioned. And that business died there. I was pissed off “. ‘I did my best, then I went to Cagliari’ Maria Angioni does not want to say more about that activity” who died there, that day “. However, studying the papers of the investigation and looking among the numerous reports , the Adnkronos goes back to a report of summary information on July 22, 2005, precisely in Ragusa. From there it emerges that the Public Prosecutor had had a number intercepted in Ragusa and carried out checks “to see who that subject was”. , the magistrates went to Ragusa to hear some people belonging to a family unit. From the wiretapping we heard about a murder. The bedbugs hear: ‘unfortunately she is dead, she is dead’. But, suddenly, as can be seen from the verbal, that phrase “is dead” referred to a succulent plant. Just a plant. In short, the umpteenth oddity of this investigation full of mysteries. “I did my best, until the last day. I could not do more, the next day I would have gone to Cagliari “, he says. But did he leave a trace of what happened in Ragusa?” I did not make a report – he says – but I informed the colleagues of the Dda “.” Of strange facts so many have happened, like when some intercepted people knew they were being picked up by bugs. An unacceptable thing “.” It was a minefield – he continues to Adnkronos – you could not do anything, you did one thing and it went wrong and you destroyed another. The prosecutor must be able to delegate, but this situation of trust did not exist there. If not those good and honest carabinieri of the Judicial Police Section of the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office who put their heart and great enthusiasm into it. “On the new investigation opened by the Marsala Public Prosecutor’s Office, by her former colleagues, Maria Angioni prefers not to say anything. But she explains : “I was recently heard on brief information, without telling me why. I can’t add anything else “. But she says” confident “because” I realize that people are talking, finally. “” I read that whoever spoke is not an anonymous person, this is a really important thing “, she concludes. the mystery continues. (by Elvira Terranova)