Alitalia, bis appeal: 3 years in Baldassarre, Elia Valori acquitted

The former president of the Consulta, Antonio Baldassarre, was sentenced to 3 years in prison in the appeal process bis in relation to the failed takeover of Alitalia in 2007. The Court of Appeal of Rome instead acquitted, for not having committed the crime, the former president of Autostrade, Giancarlo Elia Valori. The charge against them was of market manipulation. For Baldassarre, the judges also established a fine of 400 thousand euros. Two and a half years sentences also for Claudio Prati and Danilo Dini, former consultants of a financial company linked to Valori. In the first instance, in 2013, Baldassarre and Valori had been sentenced to 2 years: according to the accusation, “the false appearance of the existence of a group of investors interested in buying the national airline” had been created. Verdict then overturned in 2016 on appeal where they were acquitted with the formula “because the fact does not exist”. Two years later, in 2018, however, the decision of the Supreme Court arrived which ordered the second appeal process, which ended today.

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