Messina: After more than a century, the demolition of the shacks has begun

(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – Open sewer pipes, dirt and garbage, but also air conditioners installed to face the heat. Here is the slum of Messina. Which was born more than a hundred years ago to face a housing emergency. From today, at the Annunziata di Messina, those barracks will be dismantled. One by one. “One of the shame of the South”, as the Southern Minister Mara Carfagna defined it, who arrived this morning to witness the first bulldozer strike, led by the mayor Cateno De Luca, happy as a child for the achievement. Only one hut will remain standing. As a symbol. The one, built in 1908, immediately after the earthquake that destroyed Messina. Wobbly floors and damp walls. And the families forced to live in that degradation. With the children playing in the mud. Maregrosso, Giostra, Tirone, Camaro. These are just some of the areas where the “shacks” were born. They have become real homes. Stable residences. It was, in fact, 1908, when a devastating earthquake struck Messina, killing about half of the population while 90% of the city collapsed. Soon after, the local authorities built temporary barracks. But which then became stable. Over six thousand people, adults and children, forced to live in makeshift hovels. Today, after more than a hundred years, the historic moment for Messina. With the start of the demolitions. A party for the city. “I really want to be here in Messina, I wanted to be here again after months because I think that the Messina story has a symbolic value for two reasons. Messina is the symbol of an efficient governance model. The State decides, room the resources, his representative on the territory, the prefect of Stano and the politics through the mayor Cateno De Luca realizes. And I must say that they were all very good because in just a few months they have put up an efficient system that will soon bring and is already bringing the first demolitions and the first relocation of the inhabitants “, said the minister of the South Mara Carfagna who arrived in Messina to start the demolition of the slums. Carfagna, ‘The story of this city is also symbolic’ “The story of Messina is also symbolic because it represents the task that I have given to myself by the Minister of the South, that of erasing the shame of the South”, he adds. “The shame of the shanty town in Messina and of the many other shames that afflict our midday – he says – missing connections, nineteenth-century stations, nursery schools that are lacking. We are dealing with all this and we have started work in this direction with great determination “. be realized in a few years with the 100 million euros of funding allocated by the government under the Funds for development and cohesion and another 100 million arriving for the Messina pilot project. The mayor Cateno De Luca will deal with the assignment of the houses found in the real estate market. In recent months the barracks of Case D’Arrigo and Fondo Saccà have already been dismantled. In recent days, the New York Times has also dedicated ample space to the Messina slum. With the story of the inhabitants forced to live among rats, including many children. Mayor Cateno De Luca, praised by Minister Carfagna for her work on the shantytown, warns: “It will take two years to remove all people from the shacks and three to complete the rehabilitation. By now we are used to historical days, this administration has impressed an acceleration of the reorganization strategy that is unparalleled. We have raised the issue at the national level and this has allowed us to have an important provision from the Draghi government which we thank, just as we thank Minister Carfagna “. “While waiting – continues De Luca – for this provision to arrive with the appointment of the commissioner, the prefect Cosima Di Stani, we have obtained over 250 million euros in funding because we have participated in several calls, and these funds will also be useful for the rehabilitation “. Meanwhile, today, the city is enjoying this historic moment.

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