Climate, Greta: “We are the hope, not politicians bla bla bla”

“Hello Milan, hello everyone”: it begins by showing off the Italian Greta Thunberg, the young activist, who intervenes from the Milan stage at the end of the Fridays For Future procession that has crossed the streets of the city. “Thank you for being here, it’s amazing to see so many people. The ministers of the world think they have the solution for the world with their bla bla bla and we are tired of it. The climate crisis can only get worse and the more we wait the worse it will be. “, he says, gathering the applause of the square. Read also “Every day we wait will make conditions worse for people affected by the climate crisis. There is no hope from the bla bla bla of the politicians, the hope is us, the hope comes from the square not from the conference, the hope is the people they want to change things, “concludes Greta.” We have the right to be angry and take the streets. We are here because we know that the change will come from the streets, from us, not from conferences, “said Greta. “Hope does not come from the bla bla of politicians, hope does not come from inaction and empty promises like ‘Everything will be fine’ and ‘We are doing everything we can’. The hope is this, we are the people gathered to create change, “adds the 18-year-old.” We have every right to be angry and to take the streets and ask for more change. Change is not only possible, it is urgently needed. We have to change things, together we are the change “, concludes Greta.

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