Vaccini Italia, Gelmini: “Not on vacation at the moment”

“Vaccines on vacation? At the moment there is the possibility of getting them all over Italy”. This was stated by Mariastella Gelmini, Minister of Regional Affairs, guest on ‘Radio Anch’io’ on Radio1. “The vaccine plan works, with General Figliuolo some categories have been identified from which to start. If the regions, in addition to administering the doses to the most fragile, will be able to do more, we have no foreclosures. But now the plan must be respected. We do not give advantages to the virus and we do not make confusion. Since June 10, a free vaccine? It has not yet been defined – replies Gelmini – the overwhelming majority of the Region is collaborating in a loyal way with the Government, the commissioner structures and the Civil Protection “. The Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, is more open to vaccines on vacation. “The most common sense choice is to organize the holidays based on the dates of the vaccine. The possibility of extending the interval between the first and second dose allows you to be able to organize in this sense. If you do J&J, one dose is enough, if do Astrazeneca even 3 months pass between the first and the second dose, it is true that I believe it is feasible for some Regions to guarantee the vaccine to tourists “, says Sileri, who spoke to the microphones of the broadcast ‘Italy has awakened’ on Radio Cusano Campus. “It is clear – he specifies – that some Regions will have such an influx that this will be very difficult. With a little organization and very small numbers it can be done”.

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