7 out of 10 Italians like NHS: “Trust is the basis for a post-Covid era”

Innovation, prevention and proximity assistance are the keywords that describe the commitment of institutions, the scientific world and the industrial sector to enter a post-Covid season, leave the emergency behind and trigger a change that leads to new models financing and management of the health system. And the starting point is the trust capital that our National Health Service managed to consolidate during the pandemic. Trust that, according to an Ipsos survey, 7 out of 10 Italians have in the ‘tricolor’ healthcare. This was discussed during the 2021 edition of the ‘Inventing for Life Health Summit’, an event organized by Msd Italia, which involved representatives of the scientific, institutional and industrial world. “How to manage the transition phase towards the end of the pandemic, building on the lessons learned in the last year and identifying the areas for improvement on which to intervene most urgently”, was the theme at the center of the discussion. Among the data ‘put on the table’ of the works also those of the Ipsos research ‘Priorities and expectations of Italians for a new NHS’. More than 7 out of 10 Italians, in fact, express a positive opinion on the health system at both national and regional level. And the evaluation is of “absolute excellence” by one in 4 compatriots. For 52% of Italians, healthcare is the priority area on which to concentrate investments, second only to work (59%) and even more urgent than the transition climate (22%), education (16%) and digitalization (11%). “There is a new great awareness that the National Health Service is really the most precious asset we have and we must start investing in it”, underlined the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza. “When I became minister, 2 years ago – he recalled – there were 114 billion on the National Health Fund, today there are 122 billion. I will work to ensure that this figure rises again in the next few months, starting with the next budget law. a new, great awareness that the resources put into the NHS are not just public expenditure, but are the greatest investment in people’s quality of life “. Elena Bonetti, Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Family, highlighted that “the right to health is a universal right. It activates a responsibility that, universally and collectively, must be assumed in a new and integrated participation among the prevention services, those of care, those of research and scientific promotion, the elements of solidarity. We learned this during the pandemic: only through a model of profound co-responsibility, reciprocity, solidarity can we build a community that truly lives up to the time that awaits us ” . 8 out of 10 consider the drug industry a driving force for recovery The event was opened by greetings from Andrea Costa, Undersecretary of Health, followed by the intervention of Nicoletta Luppi, president and CEO of Msd Italia. “The pandemic – he declared – has highlighted even more how health is a fundamental determinant of the growth and development of a country. The key word must be ‘restart’, which can only be ‘for everyone’. Nobody must be left behind, whatever his age, gender, residence, level of well-being. In this perspective, it is necessary to rethink health care as an investment and not as an expense item to restore momentum to the economy and confidence to the country: it is necessary to invest significant resources in our public health system, as required by citizens and patients themselves “. During the summit there was also a discussion between Julie Gerberding, Chief Patient Officer and Executive Vice President, Population Health & Sustainability Msd, and Walter Ricciardi, Chair Eu Cancer Mission, on the lessons of Covid-19 that may prove useful in the future. And then two round tables: the first, introduced by a video interview with the president of the Italian drug agency, Giorgio Palù, on the theme ‘Criticalities and perspectives for the pharmaceutical sector in our country’, was attended by the economist Paolo Bonaretti ; Angela Ianaro, member of the Social Affairs Commission of the Chamber; Beatrice Lorenzin, member of the Budget Commission of the Chamber and former Minister of Health; Antonio Misiani of the Senate Budget Commission, and the president of Farmindustria, Massimo Scaccabarozzi. It emerged “the important role of the pharmaceutical industry and its decisive commitment to research and development to fight Covid-19 – reports a note – Eight out of 10 Italians recognize the importance of the research and development effort of the pharmaceutical industry in the struggle in Covid, they believe that it can represent a driving force for the recovery of the Italian economy in the post-Covid era and are in favor of greater investments in public pharmaceutical assistance “. Also underlined “the urgent urgency of a review of the governance of the pharmaceutical sector, through a reshaping of the current spending ceilings, a refinancing of the overall allocation of resources and the further improvement of an instrument – the Fund for innovative drugs – which has demonstrated its value in the last 4 years, also through an increase in the Fund and the possibility that innovative drugs remain within the Fund even after the 3 years currently allowed by the legislation “. Due to the pandemic, up to 4 out of 10 have skipped the screening , 68% postponement of adolescent vaccines ‘The new role of prevention in the post Covid-19 scenario: let’s start from the territory’ was the topic of the second round table with Paolo Biasci, president of Fimp pediatricians; Silvio Brusaferro, president of the Higher Institute of Health; Alessio D’Amato, councilor for health of the Lazio Region; Antonio Ferro, president of hygienists Siti; Antonio Gaudioso, president of the Cittadinanzattiva shareholders’ meeting; Giovanni Rezza, general director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health, and Silvestro Scotti, national secretary general of Fimmg family doctors. “Among the issues addressed – the note reports – that of the delays accumulated during the pandemic in the paths of diagnosis, treatment and prevention. In fact, 3 out of 10, in the last year, of Italians who have given up on screening visits, either by choice or for having received cancellation from the structure. The percentage rises to 4 out of 10 in the case of specialist visits. vaccination prevention, especially as regards adolescents and adults. In particular, according to the latest available data, during the pandemic the vaccination of adolescents reached 68% of postponements. The perception of vaccines remains positive in any case: 8 Italians out of 10 agree that vaccinations are life-saving, they represent a priority for safeguarding health in all stages of life a, and are important because they allow to protect even those who cannot get vaccinated. This despite the number of fake news concerning them: at least 42% of Italians said they had come across a fake news about vaccines “. From the summit, it finally emerged” clearly the need for the country to take advantage of the opportunity unrepeatable restart represented by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “, the NRRR” which has allocated over 20 billion to the Health mission. An important first step will be to overcome the ‘silo’ vision in the financing of health expenditure, in favor of a more holistic and integrated vision. We will also need a regulatory framework that acts as a stimulus and not as a brake, and the streamlining of bureaucratic complexities to match the speed that characterizes the Life Sciences scenario. “If it will be able to seize these opportunities, it is the hope,” the Italian system will be able to enhance the contribution of the pharmaceutical sector to the best and start a virtuous path capable of bringing innovation and economic growth throughout the territory. “At the end of the event, the ‘Angeletti-Mortari’ prizes were awarded to 5 young researchers, symbol of ‘”excellence of Italian research”.

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