Mottarone cable car, three stops: “They knew of brake failure”

Tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, the three stopped last night for the accident had been aware of the failure of the safety braking system for weeks. To say it is the chief prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi who is investigating the matter. There was a “technical confrontation with the manager of the Mottarone cable car, an engineer and a head of the service currently in a state of restraint. They ‘justified themselves’ with respect to the aware anomalies of the braking system of the system” to overcome the economic difficulties and prevent it from stopping for a long time “. So it was decided to” defuse “the safety braking system on the crashed cabin, continues the prosecutor Bossi. Read also” Failure ignored for money “A” very disturbing “investigative development : with the “conviction that the cable would never be cut, there was a risk” several times and of a tragedy even though the anomalies of the system had been “reported several times”. , but at least one other request for intervention would have been ignored, in short, the cabin would have been at risk for several days or weeks. Against the three arrested there is a “strongly circumstantial” picture, he says again the chief prosecutor of Verbania, head of the investigation into the tragedy that ordered the prison for the manager of the Mottarone cable car, an engineer and a head of the plant service “people who had a legal and economic role, that is, they made decisions “.” They had known it for weeks, closed their eyes “The broken towing cable is” the trigger of the tragedy “on the cable car, but then there is a” conscious and disconcerting “behavior of those who preferred gain to safety , explains the prosecutor of Verbania. A “very disconcerting” choice that the three – now in prison due to a circumstance considered “serious” – have carried out in order to avoid an adequate repair of the braking system that probably would have led to a long closure of the plant, whose coffers had already been put to the test by the lockdown. A “conscious and disconcerting” behavior because the three stopped would have been aware of the malfunctioning of the braking system and to “avoid continuous disruptions and blocks” they preferred for weeks to continue putting passengers at risk , aware that the “anomaly needed a more radical intervention, a more consistent block” of the plant, the prosecutor continues.
“We were able to ascertain, in particular from the analysis of the photographic findings, that the crashed cabin had the emergency brake system tampered with, that is, it had not been removed or rather the ‘fork’ that keeps the brake shoes at a distance had been affixed. had to block the cable in case of breakage, “explains the prosecutor. A malfunction that the three ignore – there is an intervention on May 3, but then they close their eyes in front of other spies started since the reopening of April 26 – with the “belief that the cable would never be cut”. May’s maintenance would have only partially solved the problem so to avoid further interruptions to the service, the three chose to circumvent the rules and prevent the emergency brake from coming into operation. So just before noon on Sunday 23 May that security inertia costs the lives of 14 people. Who are the arrested, the accusations From witnesses to arrested. Three people from the company that manages the Mottarone cable car plant – the owner Luigi Nerini, an engineer and a head of the plant service – arrested by the Verbania prosecutor who is investigating for multiple manslaughter and culpable injuries in relation to the accident last Sunday. Yesterday afternoon the Carabinieri of Stresa listened to six employees of the company and for a couple of them the position unexpectedly worsened, so much so that the first entries in the register of suspects were triggered in the evening and then, surprisingly, the handcuffs. A few minutes have passed after 1 am when the lawyer Pasquale Pantano, defender of the 56-year-old entrepreneur from Baveno, crosses the gate of the barracks and around 3 am the confirmation of the unexpected ending arrives: two employees and Nerini are recipients of the signed custody measure by the chief prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi. The three must answer for multiple manslaughter, negligent injury to a child (the only survivor) who was seriously injured and for the removal or willful omission of precautions – punishes those who fail to place tools intended to prevent accidents – aggravated if a disaster results from the fact, as in this case. The number of suspects seems destined to grow shortly. The investigation must now also try to ascertain why that cable broke, kicking off the first step in a tragedy that could have been avoided. “They admitted responsibility” “Yes, they admitted it,” the provincial commander of the carabinieri Alberto Cicognani to ‘Buongiorno Regione’ on RadioTre, answering the question whether those arrested had admitted their responsibilities. “The brake was not activated voluntarily? Yes, they admitted it – he explains -. There were malfunctions in the cable car, maintenance was called, which did not solve the problem, or only partially solved it. To avoid further interruptions of the service, have chosen to leave the ‘fork’, which prevents the emergency brake from operating “.

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