Mottarone cable car, three stops

From witnesses to arrested. There are three people of the company that manages the Mottarone cable car system – among them the owner Luigi Nerini – arrested by the Verbania prosecutor who investigates for multiple manslaughter and culpable injuries in relation to the accident last Sunday in which they lost their life 14 people and a child was injured. Yesterday afternoon the Carabinieri of Stresa listened to six employees of the company and for a couple of them the position unexpectedly worsened, so much so that the first entries in the register of suspects were triggered in the evening and then, surprisingly, the handcuffs. A few minutes have passed after 1 am when the lawyer Pasquale Pantano, defender of the 56-year-old entrepreneur from Baveno, crosses the gate of the barracks and around 3 am the confirmation of the unexpected ending arrives: two employees and Nerini are recipients of the signed custody measure by the chief prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi. The acceleration in the investigation reaches about 48 hours after the disaster and is linked to the increasing certainty of investigators on the causes of the disaster: if experts will explain why the driving cable is broken, an expert eye does not escape that it is there. a human error linked to the so-called ‘fork’, a metal component that serves to keep the brake shoes open and must be removed when the cabin is in operation because otherwise it prevents braking in an emergency. plunged into the void for about 20 meters, but not because the driving rope broke. The maintenance of the plant, that is “the daily and weekly checks required by the regulation and the user manual” of the plant is the responsibility of Ferrovie del Mottarone, a company owned by Nerini and the technicians who work to ensure safety are the first to finish in the sights of investigators after the accident. The detainees clash, however, with the intention of the prosecutor to proceed with caution in the registrations of the suspects and which could be linked to a responsibility that would go beyond human error.

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