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Here comes the super Moon and a total eclipse


The supermoon of 2021 arrives and also brings with it a total eclipse. That of May 26 is the third supermoon of the year, a full moon that is even closer to the Earth, at the perigee. The supermoon of May comes one month after the second supermoon of 2021, which was admired on April 26th. But the full moon arrives at 13.41 on Wednesday May 26, so you have to wait until evening to fully admire the show. The eclipse, on the other hand, is not visible in our country but is a spectacle that is staged in the skies of Australia, North and South America, and in Southeast Asia. The European Space Agency shows the event live thanks to the Australian national science agency and Csiro. The event will be live streamed from the Agency’s survey station site in New Norcia, Australia. The alignment between the Earth and the Moon – which will not be visible in Europe – will be shown by ESA in live streaming from 11.44 Cest until the total eclipse expected at 13.11 Cest.



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