NewsLocalGalli: "I didn't miss TV, relief for covid data"

Galli: “I didn’t miss TV, relief for covid data”


“I did not miss television, really not. I comment on the data of these days with a big sigh of relief”. Massimo Galli is back on TV after 2 weeks of press silence. “Was there excessive alarmism? The decisions and choices of politicians are one thing, the evaluations required for those who have to examine the scientific data are one thing. To date the trend is favorable and positive: therefore, sigh of relief “, says the head of infectious diseases of the Sacco di Milano to Cartabianca. “Even with some limitations and problems”, the vaccination campaign has yielded results. “When it was decided to reopen we were not at half a million doses of the vaccine and there were supply problems. The trend has now stabilized. Probably, however, many people are infected asymptomatically and this is a problem.” To those who hypothesize a virus substantially disappeared in 2022, he replies: “It seems to me a far-fetched hypothesis. I am perplexed even when I hear about herd immunity We are vaccinating to keep people out of the hospital, from resuscitation and from the cemetery. We are vaccinating with a vaccine mounted on the virus that ran in Wuhan a year ago: in the meantime many elements of variation have arrived. Those who have recently had the infection have more current antibodies than those that can elicit the vaccine “. For Galli it is also necessary to verify the immune response after the vaccine: “There was no reasoning about alternative strategies for those who do not have an immune response after the vaccine. Paolo Mieli jokingly would see Galli at the Quirinale:” I am not a candidate for Pope eh … Even the President of the Republic is a job well beyond my means: to each his own “, says the professor.” Is this government doing very well? Nì … let’s say that some things I was perplexed about went very well. The enemy is the virus, things are going much better and this trend must be maintained “.



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