NewsLocalMottarone cable car, investigators: "There are the first suspects"

Mottarone cable car, investigators: “There are the first suspects”


There are the first suspects for the tragedy of the cable car on Mottarone (Verbania) in which 14 people lost their lives last Sunday. The investigations, after 48 hours, are thus accelerated with respect to the presumed responsibilities related to the maintenance of the plant. Human error is among the assumptions, as is the failure of the safety braking system. This was stated by the chief prosecutor of Verbania Olimpia Bossi. Human error “is part of the investigations that must be made, it cannot be seen with the naked eye from a video that does not even have excellent quality. Everything has been covered and collected and will be available to technical consultants” added Bossi. A photo taken in the moments after the tragedy seems to show a ‘fork’, a metal element that serves to keep the brake shoes open, but must be removed when people are in the cabin because otherwise it prevents braking in an emergency. such as in the case of a break in the towing cable. A presence, the one detected by a photo of the Alpine Rescue, which would explain why the cabin fell into the void for about 20 meters. Image that is part of the elements on which the prosecutor of Verbania tries to clarify and that together with the breaking of the driving cable would have determined the accident in which 14 people lost their lives on Sunday.



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