• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Bassetti and the vaffa against Boralevi


May 6, 2021

Sparks on TV between Antonella Boralevi and Matteo Bassetti. The two are guests of Zona Bianca, broadcast on Rete4. The writer is discussing with another host of the show, Daniela Santanch√©. The topic of confrontation is the coronavirus. “You are saying some great nonsense. I would like to hear the professor speak, who unlike him is a person in the ward …”, says the exponent of Fratelli d’Italia. At that point the writer replies: “Not much, because it is on TV a lot”. The virologist, up to that moment in silence, blurts out: “But vaff …” And you can also see the gesture of the hand. Of little use is the apology of Boralevi who says “it was a joke”. Bassetti goes on the attack: “She said something serious, for which you have to take responsibility. She says I don’t work, you must be ashamed, be ashamed. If I were you I would be ashamed. I am ashamed for you. She will be a good writer, but she is a great ignoramus of covid “.