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Brescia, carried out in the Ziliani case: the two daughters arrested


Turned out in the Laura Ziliani case, the two daughters and the oldest boyfriend are arrested. This morning in Brescia and in the province of Bergamo, the Carabinieri of the Brescia Provincial Command, coordinated by the Brescia Public Prosecutor’s Office, in fact implemented the order for the application of the measure of precautionary custody in prison, issued by the Gip of the Court of Brescia , against two sisters aged 26 and 19, daughters of Laura Ziliani, who disappeared from Temù in the morning of 8 May 2021, as well as the boyfriend of the older sister. Read also The investigations, launched by the soldiers of the Compagnia di Breno in parallel with the research, have highlighted numerous anomalies in the story provided by the three arrested, inducing the carabinieri and the Prosecutor’s Office to consider the version of the accident or illness in the mountains to be unlikely. For these reasons, at the end of June, the two daughters and the boyfriend of the oldest, on the basis of the preliminary investigative findings, had been entered in the register of suspects on the charge of voluntary homicide, aggravated by the kinship relationship with the victim, and of the concealment of a corpse. It was the two daughters who gave the alarm that morning, around 12.00, by contacting 112 and reporting the non-return of their mother, who left the house around 07.00 to go for a walk in the hamlet of Villa Dalegno. The woman should have returned around 10.00, and then went with her daughters to the local landfill to get rid of old mattresses. Shortly after the report of the disappearance, a vast device of rescuers made up of personnel from the carabinieri, mountain rescue and firefighters, as well as numerous volunteers, had beaten the place of the alleged disappearance inch by inch, without finding the body of the employee , expert connoisseur of those places. Since the early days, the carabinieri have matured perplexity about the logical hold of the reconstruction of the facts offered by today’s arrested. The investigations, immediately launched in parallel with the searches, consisted of technical interception activities, complex analysis of printouts, forensic analysis of smartphones and computers in the possession of the suspects, combined with home searches, inspections and scientific collections by the SIS of the Provincial Command. The investigative findings have highlighted numerous anomalies in the story provided by the three arrested, inducing the carabinieri and the prosecutor’s office to consider the version of the accident or illness in the mountains not very credible. For these reasons, at the end of June the two daughters and the boyfriend of the oldest, on the basis of the preliminary investigative findings, had been entered in the register of suspects on the charge of voluntary homicide aggravated by the relationship of kinship with the victim and concealment of the corpse. . Right from the start, both the alarm raised too quickly by the two daughters and the discovery of the cell phone, from which the woman did not usually leave, found under a bench in the cellar, were suspicious. the investigators concerning the hypothesis of the disappearance was, in the late morning of May 23, the discovery of the shoe that the woman – according to the two daughters – wore in the morning around 07.00, when she would leave the house for a walk. The shoe, in fact, was found in the Fumeclo stream, in a point that would be incompatible with the direction towards the mountain that Mrs. Ziliani would have taken. Also in the Fumeclo river, not far from the woman’s house, at the beginning of last June, an overturned female jeans was found, compatible with the one that – according to the stories of the daughters – Ziliani would have worn on the morning of her disappearance. Finally, the second shoe of Mrs. Ziliani was also found which, as emerged from the investigations, was placed in the place of the discovery by the present-day arrested in order to mislead the investigative activities by confirming the hypothesis of injury or illness. of the body along the Temù cycle path, which took place in the late morning of 08 August, further fueled the solid evidence framework. Walking along the banks of the Oglio river, a child noticed the body of a woman in a state of decomposition, not recognizable in the face, partially hidden among the branches and leaves, probably accumulated following the flooding of the river. The woman wore only a tank top and briefs, clothing absolutely incompatible with the reconstruction provided by the arrested. The yellow gold earrings and a cyst present on the right foot led to the belief that the body was precisely that of Laura Ziliani.The definitive confirmation came from the DNA comparison, performed at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Brescia. During the autopsy, the coroner found no signs of external injury. Furthermore, the body did not present traces compatible with a long stay in water: the investigative hypothesis is that it may have been hidden in an environment whose characteristics have slowed down the process of transformation and decomposition. Particularly complex scientific investigations are underway in order to evaluate the effect of external agents on the body decomposition process. Preliminary toxicological tests carried out by the Brescia forensic institute found the presence of benzodiazepines in the body of the ex-warden. The three arrested will be transferred to prison in Brescia.


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