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May 6, 1976, the Friuli earthquake 45 years ago: memories on social media


On May 6, 1976, a terrible earthquake hit Friuli Venezia Giulia hard, causing 989 deaths and 80,000 displaced persons. It was an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale that struck Friuli and the surrounding territories at 21:00:12, with further tremors on 11 and 15 September. It is remembered as the fifth worst seismic event that hit Italy in the 1900s and was felt in almost all of central-northern Italy, as far as Rome. The most affected area was the middle valley of the Tagliamento River, but the countries affected by the damage were very numerous. The damage to the building stock was enormous and the impact on the economy was also enormous: about 15,000 workers lost their jobs due to the destruction or damage of factories. There are many memories of users on Twitter, where the earthquake hashtag quickly rose to the top of the trends. “Anyone who was able to understand cannot forget the #Friuli earthquake: from me in the upper Piedmont the chandelier swayed, my father’s chair moved and the earth shook under our feet. Terrible and frightening sensation like the sudden thought to the tragedy “, reads a post. “Friuli thanks and does not forget. Today, May 6, 45 years after our catastrophic earthquake. And may the Friulian recovery model be a good example for our current relaunch” writes another user. While another message reads: “I was 4 years old but I remember everything clearly, from the heat of that day to the people running around in the street. By rolling up his sleeves, the #Friuli made it by becoming an example”.

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