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Mottarone cable car, TV operator dies of illness on the path


After the tragedy of the Mottarone cable car, a TV operator who had ventured on foot on the paths leading to the place where the cabin crashed was struck down by illness. It is learned from 118. The Piedmontese mountain rescue intervention is in progress to recover the body of the man who died of cardiac arrest. The cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers attempted on the spot by the mountain rescue personnel of the Guardia di Finanza were useless: for the man, a service operator who works for Mediaset, a 52-year-old from Sesto San Giovanni, there was nothing to do. Read also In the meantime, the investigation of the case continues, with the seizure of the films on the spot and the prosecutor of Verbania speaking of “cable cut to the ground and the safety brake system that did not work peacefully”. “The cable was severed on the ground and the safety braking system peacefully did not work because the cabin would have blocked. Why this would have occurred is the subject of the investigation that will be carried out”, Olimpia Bossi chief prosecutor of Verbania said yesterday. deals with the tragedy on Sunday on the Mottarone. An investigation is being carried out for “multiple manslaughter” for the 14 victims and “negligent injuries for the injured child”, but the chief prosecutor Olimpia Bossi is also ready to proceed for “culpable disaster, a specific case envisaged as a negligent attack on transport safety” The prosecutor of Verbania plans to rely on the Polytechnic of Turin, in particular to experts in ropeways, to carry out the unrepeatable investigations that will be necessary to clarify the causes of the Mottarone tragedy. The area affected by the fall of the cable car is seized, the recovery of which, the chief prosecutor points out, “is a very complicated operation”, given that the cabin is located in an inaccessible area and far from a road that can be traveled by emergency vehicles . It will be personally the chief prosecutor, together with the deputy Laura Carrara (on duty Sunday), to deal with the investigation – for now without suspects – open for manslaughter and culpable injury.



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