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‘Disobedient Spritz’ at the Torteria di Chivasso, over 120 thousand euros in fines


The “disobedient spritz” of the Torteria di Chivasso could cost dearly to the supporters of the owner Rosanna Spatari. According to the local newspapers, in fact, over 300 reports that the carabinieri, municipal police and financial police are notifying those who participated in the rallies in front of the bar in violation of the anti-Covid prohibitions in the orange and red zone. The participants of the unauthorized aperitifs were identified above all thanks to the videos posted on social networks by themselves. For a total bill that exceeds 120 thousand euros. Meanwhile, the place has been under seizure since May 6 at the disposal of the Ivrea prosecutor who investigates the violation of both the anti Covid regulations and the measures to close the premises that were ordered following the violation.



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