• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Bari, shoulder to the Parisi clan: carried out 16 definitive sentences


May 6, 2021

The State Police carried out 16 definitive sentences issued by the Attorney General of the Bari Court of Appeal against as many belonging to the Parisi clan of the capital, convicted with a final sentence following the ruling of the Court of Cassation to residual penalties ranging from 3 months to 13 years of imprisonment. They were held responsible, for various reasons, for mafia-type criminal association, external competition in mafia-type criminal association, extortion aggravated by the mafia method, possession and carrying of a common firearm aggravated by the purpose of facilitating an association of mafia type, personal injury, trespassing, invasion of land and buildings, theft and theft in homes, illicit competition with threats and violence in competition and aggravated by the mafia method, aiding and abetting and threats. The operation, which involved Bari and other provinces of the national territory, with the use of the policemen of the Flying Squad and the help of crews from the Crime Prevention Unit and the IX Flight Department, is the judicial epilogue of the ‘Do ut Des’. The investigation was conducted by the Flying Squad and led in March 2016 to the issue, by the investigating judge of the Court, at the request of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, of a precautionary custody order against 31 people. The investigative activity of the Bari Mobile Squad documented the criminal work of the mafia organization of the Parisi clan, operating in Bari and in some municipalities of the province which, through capillary and systematic control of the territory, managed numerous activities in a monopoly situation. illicit. The hegemony of the clan in the areas of influence was developed in a variegated way, also through the monitoring and management of social housing and, above all, through the infiltration inside the construction sites. and the interceptions, made it possible to acquire convergent and univocal elements of responsibility against a criminal structure, directed and organized by Savino Parisi, 71, with an operational base in the Japigia district of Bari, dedicated to continuously committing extortion in the sector of construction through severely intimidating conducts, although not always committed with acts of physical violence. The investigation brought to light a system that saw the building contractors themselves interact directly and without any scruple, with the leaders of the clan in order to obtain orders and jobs, significantly altering the rules of the market and free competition.