• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Indian variant, first two cases in Piedmont: but it is a less aggressive form


May 6, 2021

First two cases in Piedmont of Indian variant in the less aggressive form. They were sequenced by the laboratory of the Institute of Hospitalization and Scientific Treatment (Irccs) of Candiolo, with the collaboration of the bioinformatics group of Iigm, a research institution of the Compagnia San Paolo. This is, the researchers explain, the least worrying variant among those identified with the ‘Indian’ name as it lacks the E 484 Q mutation which instead would allow the virus to escape antibodies, both those generated by the vaccine and those generated by those who are healed. The infected are a couple of forty-year-old Indians returning from India and residing in the province of Cuneo. Currently they are in home isolation and their conditions do not cause concern. “The contagion tracing system in Piedmont is proving to work very effectively – observes the regional councilor for health of Piedmont, Luigi Icardi – the appearance of variants is inevitable, but it remains fundamental to limit the development of the disease as much as possible, through the vaccination campaign, which is entering the phase of massive interest “. At the moment, the viral mutations of Covid-19 found so far in Piedmont are five: English, Brazilian, South African, Swiss and Indian. The most widely used is English.