NewsLocalMurder Cerciello, the widow: "Judgment won't bring Mario back"

Murder Cerciello, the widow: “Judgment won’t bring Mario back”


“It was a long and painful process. This will not bring Mario back to me. It will not bring him back to life, it will not give us back our life together.” So Rosa Maria Esilio, widow of the deputy brigadier of the carabinieri Mario Cerciello Rega after the sentence that sentenced Finnegan Lee Elder and Gabriel Natale Hjorth to life imprisonment. “Today the first stone was laid for a new justice – then underlined the woman who burst into tears at the reading of the sentence – Her integrity was defended and demonstrated, despite the fact that when she died she had to undergo many insinuations”. Read also “Arriving here today was like arriving in that hospital. We can only thank the complicated work of the judges, the lawyers and all the people who were close to Mario because they knew him, because he was everyone’s son and carabiniere. I thank all the people who believed in his being a wonderful husband and man and a servant of the state who deserves only the respect and honor that he himself has shown as a martyr “, he concluded.

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