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Vaccini Lombardia, Fontana: “If I call you during your holidays you have to go home”


The Lombard citizens who will have the recall of the anti-Covid vaccine during the summer holidays ” will have to go home, this is my idea ”. The governor of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, said this to ‘Mattino cinque’, underlining however that the Region made ” very few reminders in the middle weeks of August made to those who said they were staying at home. We fixed them either before or after. ” The Region, he then explained, will in any case try to meet the needs of citizens, those who will be absent on the day of the vaccine can ask “ to be anticipated or postponed by a few days the vaccination, but we will try to give this opportunity if you return established parameters and do not deviate too much from the expected date ”. Referring to the controversy over health management in Lombardy during the Covid emergency, Fontana then underlined that “everything has disappeared. Our lists are full, membership is excellent and the administrations sent. These things have been forgotten, and it is very strange. “. ” From how things are going it is easy to say that we could have been more ‘aperturist’ ”, he then added, also commenting on the controversies on the reopening of the various activities given the positive data of the infections in recent days. The masks? “I hope they can be removed permanently, I think this could happen as early as mid-July”, as the vaccination campaign continues.



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