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Mario Biondo, carried out in the investigation


New turning point in the mystery of the death of Mario Biondo, the Palermo cameraman found lifeless, on May 30, 2013, in his home in Madrid. Thanks to the study of the IP addresses and their geolocation, the consultants of the Emme Teams know, the second person whose phone was connected to the cameraman’s social networks was also identified. Mario’s family, for whom the Italian-American company carries out defensive investigations, has never believed in the hypothesis of suicide, but has always been convinced that their son was murdered. Last month, the consultants of Emme Team, had discovered that the conclusions of the consultant, appointed by the prosecutor of Palermo in 2014, “were totally incompatible with the attachments and forensic copies of the devices, especially after having recovered the internet activities of social profiles. by Mario Biondo, on Facebook and Twitter “. Data and activities on social media, the consultants underline, “made it possible to identify at least two people involved that night and present in the apartment and in its immediate vicinity”. Last week the first of the unknown connected to Mario’s social networks was identified. The expert Emme Team appointed for Italy and the team of lawyers will deliver the complete work in a final consultation to the Attorney General of Palermo, “so that finally, after a long time, we can start those expert actions that we hope will finally bring justice to Mario Biondo, after 8 years of struggle for truth led by his parents “.



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