• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Covid free islands, vaccination plan kicks off on Friday 7 May


May 5, 2021

Government at work for a ‘covid-free’ summer in Italy, with the green pass for travel and immunized smaller islands. In fact, the vaccination plan for the smaller islands with the island of Capraia and the Aeolian Islands will start from Friday 7 May. This is what was established during the meeting that took place today between the government, the National Association of Minor Island Municipalities and the Mayors of the minor island municipalities, the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo and the Head of Civil Protection Fabrizio Curcio. Read also The planning, let the commissioner structure know, had been started last March 19, with the preparation of a prudential plan intended to program effective intervention measures for isolated areas and smaller islands, difficult to reach and equipped with health facilities minimum. The preparation of the plan was followed by periodic discussions in the name of collaboration with the ANCIM, aimed at coordinating ways and times of action. The possibility of realizing the plan already prepared, underlines the commissioner structure led by Figliuolo, arises from the progress of the campaign vaccination, for which “the need to secure the elderly and the frail is reiterated, and by the introduction of a single-administration product in national vaccination availability”. “The vaccination program for the smaller islands will make use of an effective logistic-operational device and will focus on the mass vaccination of individual islands, to reduce the number of trips necessary for the transfer of vaccines and health facilities for administration – explains a note – From this type of solution, islands in where there are major health facilities, or hospitals – and which are easily connected to the terraf erma, for which the general criteria of the national plan must apply “. A similar approach, they say from the structure led by the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency,” could be further applied to the benefit of some isolated realities of the Apennines, the Alps or of other internal areas, made more isolated due to the road network, which have already been addressed for some time by activating, at the request of the Regions concerned, the additional support of mobile defense health teams “.