NewsLocalThird vaccine dose, Aifa gives the green light

Third vaccine dose, Aifa gives the green light


Green light for Aifa for the third dose of the anti-Covid vaccine. The Technical Scientific Commission (Cts) of Aifa “expressed its opinion on the administration of additional doses of vaccine against Covid-19” and considered “it appropriate, pending Ema’s authorization, to make Comirnaty vaccines available (Pfizer ) and Spikevax (Moderna). This is underlined by a note from the Italian Medicines Agency. The CTS, “answering the questions posed by the Ministry of Health” noted “that the priority of the vaccination campaign remains the achievement of high vaccination coverage with the completion of the courses currently authorized to reduce the circulation of the virus and the development of variants and effectively prevent the onset of serious disease and death “. The CTS has established that the ‘additional dose’ of Covid vaccine will be administered” at least 28 days from the last administration, to complete the vaccination cycle in adults and adolescents over 12 years of age (Comirnaty vaccine) or over 18 years (Spi vaccine kevax) in conditions of clinically relevant immunosuppression. Solid organ transplant recipients and subjects presenting, on the basis of clinical evaluation, a level of immunocompromising assimilable “while as a ‘booster’ dose” in order to maintain an effective immune response to the vaccine after the completion of the vaccine cycle fall into this category. “will be administered” after at least 6 months from the last administration, in the elderly (over 80 years) and in patients hospitalized in Rsa – continues the note – This option can also be made available to healthcare professionals, depending on the level of exposure to ‘infection, the individual risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19 and in accordance with the general strategy of the vaccination campaign “.


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