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Freemasonry and Covid: Grand Orient and Grand Lodge, “ahead with vaccines and green pass”


Go ahead with the vaccines and with the obligation of the green pass. This is the position, on the fight against Covid, which unites Italian Freemasonry, from the Grand Orient to the Grand Lodge of Italy. “You can enter the lodge only with the green pass, which we have established as mandatory; the same prescription will obviously apply to the event that we will hold on 1 and 2 October at the PalaCongressi in Rimini for the traditional annual meeting of the grand lodge, in which they will participate about 2,500 people “. This is what the grand master Stefano Bisi at the helm of the Grand Orient of Italy, the most representative organization of Freemasonry, reports to AdnKronos. swab in the previous 48 hours or if you have recovered from Covid. And to enter you will have to pass three steps for three checks: outside the office to show the green pass with the personal identity document, at the entrance for body temperature measurement, at the gate with the optical reading of the specific QrCode for the event. And the entire staff responsible for organizing and welcoming accredited persons is vaccinated with a double dose “. Event entitled ‘Brothers traveling to see the stars’ , preceded by the celebrations of September 20, the anniversary of the breach of Porta Pia with the taking of Rome and the end of the Papal State, whose manifesto reads ‘Freedom is responsibility’, where “the word to underline is the verb, because freedom presupposes that it is accompanied by responsibility. Even in this era marked by the Covid pandemic: I am vaccinated and as are most of my Masonic brothers “, underlines the grand master of the Grand Orient.” The vaccine is the only weapon that can succeed, if not to eradicate, at least to contain Covid and the spread of any and subsequent variants of the virus: I do not see other viable ways, at least at the moment, to be able to return to what we can now define as normal life “. Adnkronos Luciano Romoli venerable grand master of the Grand Lodge of Italy. “The Grand Lodge moves within the perimeter of the norm, which we all presume stems from medical and scientific considerations. All our meetings and ceremonies are held with the obligation of a green pass or buffer and in full and convinced compliance with every prescription “, Romoli is keen to underline, recalling that the activities of the Masonic lodges” fall within those of the cultural centers “. ‘autumn equinox on September 18th, the official ceremonies of the Grand Lodge will begin at the same time, “which we will hold in full compliance with all laws and also with the advice of good doctors. And among our affiliates – reports the venerable grand master – vaccinated people prevail by far, in the belief that the more one vaccinates, the more the risk area narrows “. (By Enzo Bonaiuto)


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