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Electronic identity card, time and necessary documents


Electronic identity card: renewal, how long it lasts and necessary documents. Issued by the Municipality (through the State) on paper, magnetic or electronic media and constitutes a valid title for the free movement of Italian citizens in EU member states, as well as for expatriation to other countries with which Italy has signed agreements international. As stated on, the identity card can be requested by all Italian citizens, minors, adults or residing abroad, by EU citizens residing in Italy and by non-EU foreign citizens residing in Italy and in possession of a permit. of stay. There are several rules that operate with reference, not only to the issue of the document, but also to the renewal of the identity card. paper document. Those who still have the old document at their disposal will probably see it replaced, at the next expiry, with the more advanced standard, since only in rare and exceptional cases is it still allowed to release it on paper. identity has undergone changes after the intervention of Legislative Decree no. 112/2008 which changed the rules on the period of validity of the identification documents and on their expiration. In general, the identity card for Italian citizens over 18 expires after 10 years of issue (3 or 5 years for minors), a term which is extended, with respect to the date shown on the document, until the day and month of birth of the For old documents, issued in accordance with the previous legislation that expire five years from June 26, 2008 (before the entry into force of the new provisions), it was possible to validate the original document by affixing a Visible stamp, without the need to submit a specific application, bearing the apostille “extended validity pursuant to art. 31 of Legislative Decree 25/6/2008 n. 112 until …”. Renewal of identity card, when is it possible? it is necessary to wait for the expiration of one’s identity card to request its renewal or extension. In fact, this operation can also be carried out before the deadline, in particular from 180 days before.During the COVID-19 pandemic, various regulations have extended the validity of identity and identification documents. Lastly, the Legislative Decree no. 56 of 30 April 2021 has further extended the validity of identity documents that have expired until 30 September 2021, but this only for the purpose of personal identification and therefore not for expatriation. To travel abroad, therefore, the expiry date indicated in the document remains valid. 87/2021, the provision has been made without prejudice to the effects produced and the legal relationships arising on the basis of the provision. Therefore, in the terms specified above, the identity cards expired after January 31, 2020 will remain valid until the end of September. Electronic identity card, how to renew it The paper identity card (CIC) has been almost completely replaced on the entire national territory from the identity card in electronic format (CIE) following the introduction in generalized form of this type of document pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 78/2015. It is a mandatory identification document issued by the Ministry of the Interior, through the integration of the most advanced technologies available, it combines physical and digital security elements in a single tool that ensure the highest level of guarantee and accuracy in the processes of ascertaining the identity of people Electronic identity card, how it is made The CIE is the evolution of the identity card in paper version. It has the size of an ATM and consists of: – a support of polycarbonate plastic material, on which the photo and data of the citizen are laser printed, protected with anti-counterfeiting elements and techniques, such as holograms and special inks; – a microchip contactless that contains the personal data, the photo and the fingerprints of the owner, protected by mechanisms that prevent counterfeiting and improper reading; – the information to allow the citizen to authenticate on the network to services provided online by public administrations and businesses; – additional data for the use of value-added services, in Italy and in Europe Electronic identity card, when it expires Paper or electronic identity cards already in the possession of citizens, will continue to be valid until their natural expiry. As regards the duration of the CIE, however, this will be equal to: – 3 years for minors under the age of 3; – 5 years for minors between the ages of 3 and 18; – 10 years for adults The electronic identity card can be requested at your own Municipality of residence or at the Municipality of residence for citizens residing in Italy and at the Consulate of reference for citizens residing abroad. electronic identity card the procedure and documents to be presented are the same as for the issuing procedure, therefore: passport photo; previous identity card; other identification document, for example Health Card (National Services Card) or tax code. In particular, the citizen must go to the Municipality with a photo ID, in paper or electronic format, on a USB support. The passport photo must be of the same type as those used for the passport.It will be mandatory to make an appointment, depending on the availability of your municipality, using the portal dedicated to this site prepared by the Ministry of the Interior for all municipalities. The reservation can be made starting from 180 days before the expiry of the old document or within six months after the expiry. Once the appointment has been entered, the system will issue a receipt and each citizen can enter up to a maximum of 5 appointments for himself and his family. The appointment will be agreed in the preferred registered office Electronic identity card, how much does the renewal cost The cost of the CIE is equal to € 16.79 (in addition to fixed and secretarial fees, where provided) and also includes shipping costs: the issue and the delivery, in fact, does not take place immediately and the Card is sent by registered mail, within six working days from the issue.When submitting the request to the Municipality, each citizen can choose one of the following methods of delivery of the document (the amount paid from the Citizen for the issue remains unchanged): – At the residential address; – At an address of his preference; – At the Municipality. Paper identity card, how to renew it The “old” identity cards in paper format, issued until issue of the new CIE, remain valid until expiry and can be replaced or renewed only in residual cases. In fact, when the workstations for the CIE become operational in the Municipalities, the single Municipality (or the single Municipality) is required to issue the new electronic identity card. progressive abandonment, except for cases of real and documented urgency reported by the applicant governed by the Ministry of the Interior’s Circular No. 08/2017, namely: for reasons of health, travel, electoral consultation and participation in competitions or public tenders. for example, it deals with cases of people unable to go to municipal offices for health reasons, cases of trips abroad on an imminent date, of those who need to ascertain / check disability on an imminent date, or for other particular urgencies that must be documented as appropriate. The identity card in paper format can also be issued if the citizen is registered in the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (AIRE). documents necessary for the issue, which must be accompanied by the identity card expired by less than six months or expiring (not earlier than 180 days) which will be returned as it is no longer suitable for identifying the person. identity card for Italian citizens of age, they must present: – 3 their own recent passport photos, identical, in which the face is clearly visible and no headgear is worn (for the quality of the photos see Ministry of the Interior circular no. 400 / A / 2005/1501 / P / 23.13.27 of 5 December 2005); – a form (available at the counter or downloadable from the municipality’s website) filled in with your personal data; – the previous expired identity card or teriorata or, failing this, a valid identification document or the presence of 2 adult witnesses who declare that they personally know the person concerned. For minors, the presence of the minor accompanied by both parents, with a valid identification document, will be required. These must certify the personal details of the minor and issue the declarations required for the documents valid for expatriation. If the minor does not have parental authorization, that of the tutelary judge will be required to issue the document. In both cases, the issue is usually immediate and the cost of the document is 5.42 euros for the first request. of identity can be issued to Italian citizens legally resident in their consular district abroad, registered in the consular register and whose personal data are present in the AIRE database (Register of Italians Resident Abroad). function and validity of the paper document issued to Italian citizens residing in Italy and may be requested from the competent registry office of the Municipality of AIRE registration and, from 1 June 2007, also issued directly by the Italian Consular Offices abroad. for this purpose, present the three passport photos, frontal, recent and without headgear, as well as the passport or previous identity card.


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