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Diabolik, Piscitelli’s parents: “Never asked to exhibit the body in a display case”


“This is the first time we hear about a reliquary” and “the ordinance in our possession in which the Chief of Police only prohibited the funeral, except in the ‘clandestine’ form at 6 am at the Prima Porta Cemetery, made no reference to this surreal and non-existent request. The documents in our possession can confirm what we have declared “. This is what the parents of Fabrizio Piscitelli, head ultras of Lazio killed on 7 August 2019 at the Parco degli Acquedotti affirm in a note sent to Adnkronos, regarding the statements of the Rome police chief Carmine Esposito on Diabolik’s funeral. Piscitelli’s father and mother underline that they are “once again forced to come out of our painful silence because they are obliged to publicly deny the statements of the former commissioner”. “After days of exhausting talks and negotiations, despite the pain of the loss of our son”, the parents underline referring to the funeral, “only today do we acknowledge that the original ban on the religious funeral was due, we recite the exact words, ‘from ‘hypothesis that Piscitelli’s body could be exhibited in a glass case carried on the shoulder’ “.” We would like for once to read the regret and dissatisfaction of not being able, in the course of two years of investigations, to discover the killers of our son: Dr. Esposito leaves his post without having been able to give him a name “, continue Diabolik’s parents.



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