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Vaccini Italia, Figliuolo’s new guidelines


While over 30 million doses of the anti-covid vaccine have been administered in Italy to date, new guidelines arrive with Commissioner Paolo Figliuolo urging the Regions to do more to involve general practitioners, pharmacists and other operators. Read also Vaccini Italia, over 30 million doses administered There are 30,158,028 doses of anti-covid vaccine administered to date while almost 10 million (9,856,159) people have already completed the vaccination cycle, equal to 16.63% of citizens. These are the data contained in the report of the covid emergency commissioner, led by the extraordinary commissioner Figliuolo. Guidelines for the continuation of the vaccination campaign One of the indications received by Figliuolo is the invitation to the Regions to “gradually increase the insured contribution” by general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice, pharmacists and other operators of the National Health Service to “daily vaccinations, keeping the vaccination hubs fully operational in an intermediate and transitional phase of the development of the plan” “In a subsequent phase, in anticipation of any further recalls, the possibility of bringing the vaccination activity back to the as much as possible in all the ordinary structures of the National Health Service, involving all general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice, pharmacists and other NHS operators, in order to create a sustainable and stable vaccination system over time, without having to resort to emergency measures “, writes Figliuolo again it to the invitation Figliolo notes that “the number of general practitioners, pediatricians of free choice, pharmacists and other NHS operators who have expressed their willingness to join the vaccination campaign is already considerable and would make it possible to significantly increase the inoculation capacity daily, while taking due account of the major logistical difficulties associated with the distribution and storage of vaccines, to the solution of which the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 20 May ‘Traceability of containers of vaccine bottles’ made a significant contribution “, which, in particular, allows wholesalers and local pharmacies, where requested by the Region or the Autonomous Province, to exceptionally hold and transport the vaccine bottles in the containers provided by the hospital pharmacies of the health facilities, suitably traced by affixing a code. domiciliary “The gradual transition d vaccinations carried out centrally at the vaccination hubs towards a system of ‘delocalized vaccinations’, much more widespread and close to citizens, will allow to complete the immunization of the most fragile categories, of the over 80s, of citizens with comorbidities and reduced mobility, not yet completely intercepted by the current organizational modality and which can be reached at home and in any case in places close to it “, writes Figliuolo.” The carrying out of the current anti Sars-Cov-2 vaccination campaign identifies about 2600 national vaccination points , operating in hospitals, regional hubs, autonomous provinces and defense health structures, the nerve center for the administration of vaccines. This organization, thanks to a progressive implementation of resources and procedures, has made it possible to reach and exceed the goal of 500,000 daily administrations, limiting the impact on the distribution system also in relation to the small number of sites where vaccines are to be delivered “, is explained in the text. “The studies conducted so far – explains Figliuolo – indicate that, for the purposes of protecting the health and functionality of hospitals, the effectiveness of the vaccination campaign is directly related to the speed with which it is carried out (quantitative approach) but also effective immunization of the population targets most likely to develop a form of disease (severe qualitative approach). Therefore, rapidly vaccinating the greatest number of people is an important requirement, always keeping the completion of the coverage of the vulnerable and fragile population a priority “.



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