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Fico retraces the ‘One Hundred Steps’ of Peppino Impastato


(from the correspondent Elvira Terranova) – One hundred steps, the distance that separates the house of Peppino Impastato, the militant of proletarian democracy killed by Cosa Nostra, and the house of the mafia boss Tano Badalamenti, which today is the municipal library. This is the path taken this afternoon by the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico, who came with his partner, in the company of Giovanni Impastato, the brother of the journalist who was murdered on 9 May 1978 in a farmhouse near Cinisi (Palermo). “A great emotion”, continues to repeat Fico without hiding his emotion. Upon his arrival in Corso Umberto he first visited Casa Memoria dedicated to Peppino and Felicia Impastato where he received a commemorative plaque and then the former home of the boss Badalamen, transformed into the library of the small town. “It was moving and exciting to see Peppino Impastato’s house live, we realize even more how Peppino is the State, he represents that part of citizens that fight and do not give up, an inspiring example for all of us”, he says. Fig coming out of the house. “Together with his friends and family who give a great example to Italy and Sicily, even that part of Sicily that dies for the state”. Then he meets the former companions of Peppino Impastato, now all in their seventies. And he says to them: “Thank you all for keeping the memory of Peppino Impastato alive. I thank you for all the work done over the years. You too have allowed” his memory to remain alive. And again: “I thank you on behalf of the Italian State. This is an important day for all of us”, concluded the President of the Chamber. Going to the apartment that belonged to Badalamenti, he then added: “In the fight against the mafia there is still a lot to do and it must be a priority for all Italian governments until reaching a complete and definitive victory over the mafia”. “We cannot be satisfied with small and large steps in the fight against the mafia, because today we have one of the most advanced legislations in Europe, we have taken huge steps but we must not stop, because we must definitively defeat the mafia and we can do this with culture and not with the gun “, added the Speaker of the Chamber Roberto Fico. “We must fight against Cosa Nostra with training and with serious investments it is true of the State – he says – and I hope that even in this very difficult period in which even our limits have come to the surface, we must have a vision of a country that is a shock. definitive forward. This is one of the issues that must be dealt with forcefully “. His visit was concluded in the cottage where the militant of DpE was killed then Fico reiterated:” It was moving and exciting to know this place live. I’ve only ever seen him in movies and I’ve read about him in books. Seeing him live makes you realize even more how much Peppino Impastato is the state and represents the citizens who fight for their ideas and never give up “. Then at the exit of Casa Memoria, while Fico retraces the hundred steps, which also gave the title to the film about the life of Impastato, the mayor of Cinisi Giangiacomo Palazzolo made a proposal: “Why don’t you give a name to the Municipal Library of Cinisi ? Instead of continuing to call it ‘Casa Badalamenti’ why not call it for example ‘Casa 9 Maggio’, in honor of Peppino Impastato ‘, he says to Peppino Impastato’s brother, Giovanni and to President Fico. 1978 in Cinisi. Immediate reply from Fico: “It could be an idea, I like it.” Then everyone goes to the Library. And, to conclude the visit, an inspection of the cottage where Impastato was killed. Which will soon become a museum.



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