NewsLocalMurder Verona, Chiara Ugolini had a rag soaked in...

Murder Verona, Chiara Ugolini had a rag soaked in bleach in her mouth


Chiara Ugolini, the 27-year-old found killed on Sunday in her apartment near Bardolino, on Lake Garda, had a cloth soaked in bleach in her mouth. The girl had blood leaking from her mouth, compatible with the hypothesis of internal bleeding, but no signs of bruising to the body or head. This would make it less likely the hypothesis of a push, which would have made it fall to the ground, as said by the alleged murderer Emanuele Impellizzeri, 38, a native of Catania and a neighbor of the victim, who had entered the apartment and that the ‘had attacked, but did not provide the carabinieri with the reason for his action, and then fleeing driving his Yamaha on the A1 towards the south. Read also The man, with a criminal record, was then arrested by police officers near of the Imprunerta exit in Florence. It was the 38-year-old himself who confirmed to the Carabinieri that after dropping Chiara to the ground, seeing her stunned by the blow of the fall, he would have thought of putting a rag in the mouth of the young woman to prevent her from reacting, after having recovered. The motive for the murder therefore remains a mystery. An autopsy is expected tomorrow afternoon, which will make it possible to clarify the causes of the girl’s death. The carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Verona continue to investigate to discover the reason for the heinous gesture. The economic motive, the theft, as well as the one to be traced back to condominium disputes, which would never have occurred, now seems to have been excluded. And so the motive for sexual assault by man seems to be increasingly gaining ground.


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