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School, Sister Alfieri: “Bianchi is right, to take a peer survey to isolate ‘diplomats'”


“The Minister of Education is right: the path of autonomy goes hand in hand with an integrated system that requires attention to the private schools that are part of the system and that have already accepted the challenge of transparency, hoping for the controls that are already taking place. and the isolation of schools not worthy of being called equal, because they are diplomatic “. This is Sister Anna Monia Alfieri’s comment to the Adnkronos on the intervention of Minister Bianchi today in the VII Commission in the Chamber. “We trust – continues the nun, since 2016 a member of the School Pastoral Council and of the National School Council of the CEI – in an information set of equal and transparent as well as public, to isolate those cases of schools that indecently belong to the public education system and that coexist with the underworld and the strong powers. Bianchi with this declaration of high civil value breaks a mechanism that is convenient for those with third-party interests: both political, trade union, and bureaucratic “. The nun, one of the most accredited voices on the problems of the organization of training systems, he explains: “In the absence of this survey we go to starve the serious peer schools and feed the criminals, who are a residual number, forcing them to apply dividing lines of society. We hope the path indicated by Bianchi for years and I hope that a national unity government will bring it home. ” “Certainly – he denounces – the certainty of data and numbers does not help schools cohabiting with the underworld, which disturb strong powers. Today we are witnessing 37% of pluralism in the north and 4% in the south because regional school policies in the north they help families and transparently isolate those cases “. “It is only if we clarify the numbers that we can guarantee autonomy, equality, and freedom of educational choice for families. I wish the Minister my best wishes so that this operation goes to the end. It is the only way to convey the an epochal reform putting students, families, teachers at the center “. Sister Anna Monia Alfieri then looks at the restart of the school year and concludes:” In this historical moment it is evident that the two big realities that are challenged in taking the field are the regions and peer schools, to make their autonomy work. The ministerial guidelines have arrived, the funds too, the return plans are there and the state-region concertation has taken place. It is necessary that all the regions from north to south use for territorial consultation tables with municipalities, prefectures and schools, as I have experienced in the Lombard model. Otherwise the school will not restart “. (by Roberta Lanzara)


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