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Rattà new head of the Mobile team: ‘fight against indigenous mafias and widespread crime’


Fight against indigenous mafias but also against widespread crime and in particular against predatory crimes. Great attention is paid to combating usury, especially in this situation of economic difficulty for traders caused by the pandemic, and an eye already to the future to prevent criminals from getting their hands on the money of the recovery fund. Last but not least, the fight against sexual violence, crimes in the family and violence against women. These are the priorities of the new head of the Rome Mobile Squad, Francesco Rattà, who today met the press in San Vitale, in the presence of the Chief of the Capital Mario Della Cioppa. Fifty-two years old, married and father of two grown children, Francesco Rattà, arrives in Rome after 27 years of investigative activity in Calabria, where he has led several investigations against the ‘Ndrangheta. It is a straight and continuous line, which goes from Calabria to the capital, the one that unites Rattà to his predecessor Luigi Silipo who, promoted to first manager, left his position last July. A “Calabrian school”, made up of heavy lessons like those that the ‘Ndragheta gives, seems to train the best managers who land in the most prestigious Italian Mobile Team. It is no coincidence, as the Rome commissioner pointed out, rather a timely choice made precisely in the light of an exceptional training that has all the numbers and professionalism of the leaders of the State Police. “It is a great pleasure and a great pride for me to present the new head of the Rome Mobile team – said Della Cioppa – Francesco Rattà does not need to be introduced, his CV speaks for him, he is an expert and talented investigator of race, he was selected for his qualities. “My attention will be directed not only to the ramifications of the ‘Ndrangheta but also to the indigenous mafias”, said Rattà, underlining that his “commitment will also be directed to the contrast of predatory crimes , within the framework of a strategic plan wanted by the Rome police commissioner in synergy with all the components of the police headquarters “.” The investigation methods that I carry with me from Calabria are sure to be successful here too, to achieve the result of the repression of crimes ” , he added. “We will intensify the action to combat the phenomenon of usury to the detriment of traders particularly affected by the economic difficulties in this period of pandemic”, he c ontinuato Rattà – explaining that attention will also be maximum to preserve the money that will arrive from Europe. “If there is an attempt by organized crime to get their hands on the recovery money, we will do everything to prevent even a penny from ending up in the pockets of criminals,” he stressed. The fight against crime will affect all the districts of the capital and also the hinterland in constant contact with the districts and police stations of the city and the province. On this front but also more generally, explained the commissioner, “Ratta ‘will work in close connection with the central anti-crime department headed by the prefect Francesco Messina and with the SCO, led by Fausto Lamparelli”. Finally, the new head of the Flying Squad, answering the reporters’ questions, underlined that “on the Cold Case, the unsolved cases, we are ready to operate without limits and to reopen them if necessary. Any news will be evaluated in the coming days”. (By Silvia Mancinelli and Giorgia Sodaro)


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