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Covid, Galli: “Next critical weeks, get as many people as possible to get vaccinated”


“Convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated against Covid, because the next few weeks will be critical”. Massimo Galli, professor of Infectious Diseases at the State University and primary at the Sacco of Milan, reiterated this while discussing the green pass in the workplace, vaccination obligation and third dose. Precisely about the vaccination obligation Galli has no doubts: “It is a tool that must be applied, but it takes time that I hope will be short. In the meantime, we must do everything we can to get the widest possible vaccination coverage immediately, because the next few weeks will be critical and that is where much of this autumn battle is played out. ” “We must immediately convince as many people as possible to avoid the circulation of the virus which can create some problems”, in particular with the Delta variant now at 99.7%, said guest of ‘Agorà’ on RaiTre. On the reopening of schools “I am alarmed but not alarmist”. “In the age group of students there is the bulk of the unvaccinated and the Delta variant has a 50% greater spreading capacity than the English variant,” added Galli. Galli then returns to the need for the third dose, reiterating “that we have rather limited data and the generalized need is questionable with these vaccines”.


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