NewsLocalGreen pass and vaccination obligation, Cacciari: "Authoritarian mechanisms"

Green pass and vaccination obligation, Cacciari: “Authoritarian mechanisms”


“Is everything okay because there is a health emergency? All to urge authoritarian mechanisms, as substantially is the obligation of vaccination”. Massimo Cacciari motivates and illustrates doubts and perplexities about the green pass in Italy and the possible vaccination obligation. “The government is entitled to impose medical treatment, it is true. Its legitimacy is discussed in a cultural, ethical and political key. Is everything okay because there is a health emergency? It is legitimate to ask on the basis of what criteria will the state of emergency? Will it end when there is no longer a patient in intensive care or when no one has more than 37.5 of fever? All to urge authoritarian mechanisms, as substantially is the obligation to vaccinate. But are we kidding? give a damn about the cultural and political drifts of this society? “, says Cacciari to Quarta Repubblica. “The form sometimes makes substance: I hear words like ‘flush out’ those who don’t get vaccinated. But do we realize?” Says Cacciari. “If the obligation comes, fine: at least the hypocrisy disappears. I receive hundreds of emails a day from doctors and scientists who agree with me and tell me that they cannot speak.” Measures such as the green pass or any vaccination obligation they must fit into a framework in which “respect for the dignity of the person must always be guaranteed, the jurisdiction indicates that the person is perfectly informed. I wonder if we can say that people have been correctly informed about vaccines and their consequences. ‘it is doubtful that vaccines are useful, but this is not enough to say that we are properly informed. “” There is no risk-free situation, pharmaceutical companies do not know, however, the medium and long-term consequences of vaccines. In these conditions, how do you impose the green pass? We have already reached 70-80% of the vaccinated population, continue like this “trying to convince the Italians. “When we have come to vaccinate the entire population over 40-50, what need is there to vaccinate adolescents, who are not at real risk?” He says. “It is not true that the situation is the same everywhere: in many countries there is no obligation to vaccinate. In Denmark the situation has normalized, in Germany they do not dream of vaccinating adolescents”.


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