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Rome, the March for Life at the Imperial Forums


At the Imperial Forums in Rome the tenth edition of the March for Life, suspended last year for Covid. The pro-life associations took to the streets in a static mobilization for the right of every child to come into the world and a campaign against the Zan bill “whose first victims will be women and children”. “I am proud to be able to represent, as ambassador to the Holy See, Poland, which protects the rights of the weakest and most defenseless: unborn children. In the autumn of last year, our Constitutional Court declared the so-called” practice unconstitutional. eugenics “in the law on family planning, the protection of the human fetus and the conditions for the admissibility of termination of pregnancy, which is a significant and strong step in the legal protection of human life”, said Janusz Kotanski ambassador of Poland to the Holy See speaking at the March. “Dear participants in the March for Life 2021, I bring you a positive message from Hungary: it is possible to encourage families to say yes to life! The Hungarian government has been working on it for nine years, and we have achieved results wonderful: + 40% increase in marriages, + 25% decrease in divorces and + 30% decrease in abortions “. This was the speech on stage by Eduard Habsburg, ambassador of Hungary to the Holy See, who underlined: “For such a change, the will of the government to commit itself to families, helping them and giving them the message that so many children represent is indispensable. a gift for society. Families must be helped economically, with non-repayable loans, reduced or abolished taxes and financial aid for the home, or for other needs. “” A society that does not put life at the center dies. And we see it from the dramatic numbers that highlight a demographic crisis that seems to have no return. In 2020, Istat registered 384 thousand fewer residents: a city like Florence disappeared. Enough with empty cradles. This is why I am present at the March for Life “, the words by Simona Baldassarre, doctor, MEP of the Lega, Head of the Lazio Family Department. “As a politician, doctor and mother, mine is an appeal to politics: we invest concretely in the family ia. The measures adopted so far are episodic, the single check is positive, but more structural solutions are needed for the future. If the family starts again, Italy starts again. The good fight today is also to reject the ideological attack which, with new laws such as the Zan Bill, aims to weaken this natural cell, fundamental for the care and growth of the community. We need to work for a new welfare – he concludes – that puts the rights of children and the rights of women at the center, no longer forced to choose between family and work. Being for Life means enabling a girl who has become pregnant to be able to carry on that pregnancy without having to choose for death “.” This traditional appointment prompts our gaze to consider the gift of life in all its expressions and especially to support and promote the most fragile and defenseless ones in all possible ways: accompanying, supporting spiritually and materially, spreading good culture and thought, with prayer, witness, research, volunteering and socio-political commitment “. Thus Monsignor Antonio Suetta – bishop of Sanremo, Ventimiglia – present in connection with the march for life, who added: “I wonder how it is possible to talk about the future and therefore about the birth rate, an essential and indispensable element of this perspective, without denouncing and rejecting the main cause of the so-called cold demographic winter we are going through; the conviction, that is, that human life is on the one hand considered as a consumer good or a right – almost a whim – to be demanded at will and at any cost, and on the other hand it is offended, trampled on and suppressed when, with evil and myopic selfish attitude, disturbs the absurd claim of a comfortable life. And we, as Saint John Paul II said, we will not stand by, but we will stand up “. The March for Rome” was proposed to me in 2010 when I was delegated to equal opportunities. Since then they have carried out an important job for what is the promotion of the protection of life from conception, even more today for the demographic winter of the country “. Lavinia Mennuni, municipal councilor in Rome for Fratelli d’Italia, tells Adnkronos. among the people of the March for Life. Adds Mennuni: “We have denounced the Capitol for the little that has been done in terms of maternity and family. Especially in light of these two years of pandemic. Rome last year had 7,000 fewer births than the previous one and I am sure that this year the figure is growing even more “.” At the national level – she continues – we see glimmers, but not at the municipal level. It is late we must do more. A couple of months ago we presented a document with Giorgia Meloni on the subject of the birth rate and the need to increase the logic behind it. But – he concludes – he was rejected “. Salvini’s letter:” I make Trump’s words my own “” Thank you for this splendid initiative, which has now been repeated for many years in our capital to remind everyone of the beauty and splendor of life nascent “. With these words Matteo Salvini addresses in a long letter to the people of the March in Rome and adds:” President Trump, participating in the march for life in Washington in 2020, said words that this morning I would like to make my own: ‘ Together, we must protect, safeguard and defend the dignity and holiness of all human life ‘”.” I would like in particular to thank the many lay and Christian associations and realities that participate in this day and that every day bring the commitment of their generous volunteers alongside mothers with difficult pregnancies, ready to help them decide for life. Every child who comes into the world is an immense gift for the whole of humanity “.” I know that many of you carry out a valuable volunteer work in the Centers for Aid to Life, thanks to which over 7000 children were born this year too. without your help they would not be among us. Thank you for what you do! “.” I also learned that some of you have been attacked and insulted for your pro-life commitment. I communicate all my solidarity to you and please! Do not interrupt your service because of four rowdy people full of ideology and void of respect “.” With the parliamentarians of the League we have prepared a framework bill in favor of the family, in which we have foreseen important investments to protect the unborn life, because no human life is any longer lost due to the economic, social or personal conditions in which a mother finds herself “.” I will then ask the governors of the regions governed by the League to take in turn all the measures necessary to guarantee the health of women and of the unborn child, adding resources and offering everything necessary to leave no one behind, neither for economic or social reasons, nor for reasons related to disability. Every mum and every dad are real heroes, but it’s time to seriously help them in their so demanding task The challenges against life do not only concern birth, but also the elderly and the disabled, often abandoned and pushed towards the sad proposal of euthanasia . Palliative therapies and care are expensive, and I would not want someone, to save money, to orient patients towards the much cheaper euthanasia. The community in which we believe must not dispense death, but must commit itself to supporting life, every life, whatever the cost “.



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