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Amara case, from Pg Cassazione preliminary investigations on Greek prosecutor


The Attorney General of the Cassation, Giovanni Salvi, holder of the disciplinary action against the magistrates, initiated preliminary investigations on Francesco Greco, Milan prosecutor, an act due following the investigation against him by the Brescia Public Prosecutor for omission of acts of ‘office: he would have delayed the opening of the investigation resulting from the statements made in the minutes by the lawyer Piero Amara on the alleged’ lodge Hungary ‘. “It is obvious that from the communication of the registration of the magistrate in the register of crime reports the corresponding registration in the register of pre-disciplinary investigations automatically follows, since it is a due act”, explains the general prosecutor in a note. of the Supreme Court, moreover, for “technical assessments” the order with which on August 3 the disciplinary section of the Higher Council of the Judiciary rejected the request for precautionary transfer and change of functions advanced for the Milanese public prosecutor Paolo Storari for the story of the minutes of Piero Amara. The prosecutor therefore remains with the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, without the risk of being transferred, but the disciplinary procedure continues against him. “Dr. Paolo Storari is subjected to disciplinary proceedings, which will continue to arrive at the assessment of the merits of the disputes”, explains the general power of attorney, who “did not challenge the rejection of the precautionary measure for technical assessments. It was decided, in fact, not to appeal to the Supreme Court against the order of the disciplinary section of the CSM in consideration of the limits of the legitimacy judgment, which precludes the evaluation of the motivation on the existence of precautionary requirements “.


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