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Monoclonal antibodies in place of the third dose, study at the start at Spallanzani


Monoclonal antibodies as an ‘alternative’ to the third dose in immunosuppressed and frail patients. It is a studio ready to start at Inmi Spallanzani. “In recent months, the Spallanzani Institute has conducted research on the vaccine response in various fragile populations, in people who are immunosuppressed for serious diseases or are treated with immunosuppressive therapies. Our goal, and of the country, is to guarantee protection from contagion also and above all to these people. How can we? Some think of a third dose (or booster), we are imagining a path that leads to giving protection with monoclonal antibodies that have already shown themselves in the therapeutic field “announced the director of the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome, Francesco Vaia, at the end of the meeting with the new interim scientific director, Enrico Girardi, and the director of the Clinical Department, Andrea Antinori. “In these days we have put in place a program to promote access to monoclonal antibodies to this type of population and we have submitted a monoclonal access program to the regulatory authorities and we are waiting this week for Aifa and the ethics committee to approve the program – Vaia specifies -. If everything goes well, as we hope, from Monday we will begin to administer the antibodies. As always, we will communicate the results of this innovative and stimulating application of research on the welfare plan “.


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