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Compulsory vaccine, Rasi: “Ema authorization has nothing to do with it”


The EMA authorization, which is a complete authorization, has nothing to do with the vaccination obligation “against Covid-19”. It is a misconception that the EMA must say something about a country’s vaccination obligation “. So Guido Rasi, former executive director of the European drug agency Ema and consultant to the Covid emergency commissioner, general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, guest of ‘Timeline’ on Sky Tg24. Read also “I know that one of the biggest perplexities of people is ‘what will happen in 10 years from injecting myself with the RNA of the virus?'”. “Well, the question is pertinent, but remember that the vaccine gives us a millionth part of that RNA that the virus has no problem giving us massively. Each viral particle gives us all its Rna. We don’t know what will happen. in 10 years, but with the vaccine “will happen” a millionth part of what will happen to us with the virus “., Rasi pointed out. “I would not define vaccines” using the term “evil” in any sense, neither ‘lesser evil’ nor ‘greater’. They are a good, not a bad thing “, warned the expert, confirming that in the Peninsula” the trend of vaccinations is very good. Even compared to other European countries, Italy is doing well both in terms of logistics and in terms of population response “. Rasi explained that” the next goal of the vaccination campaign “against Covid-19” is to achieve of 80% of vaccinated by the end of the month “, a goal that” from a logistical point of view “is” perfectly achievable, even if it depends on how much people will respond and if there will be a need at the last to impose the obligation on those parts of population that are exposed to the public “. “A second” goal, he added, “is to prepare for a third dose” of the vaccine. “Here too the logistic machine should not pose big problems”, but “there it depends on the choices and on which categories the EMA in the end. he will indicate as priorities in addition to those that are already obvious, taken for granted, and even the minister himself has already announced them because they are in the logic of things “, recalled Rasi, referring in particular to the immunosuppressed. “We already know that serious immunocompromised patients will have to be administered”, he confirmed, but for other groups of the population “I would wait for the evaluation of the EMA on the third dose”, specified the expert. “I believe that Israel and the UK are not two examples that are completely transferable to us – Rasi reasoned – It is true that Israel has carried out a large vaccination campaign, but it also has large internal territorial differences and therefore it is not a completely transferable experience. provides some data. Let’s wait for the EMA, which knows the European situation, and then let’s put it on the Italian situation “. waiting, and we hope that the EMA already has enough data, is to understand when a person should be considered no longer protected. Some categories are very easy “to identify,” others a little less. The level of antibodies is one of the indices that is being studied and probably will be the one used. The exact identification point must be found to be clear “.” At the level of public health – continued Rasi – there could be a trend like this It is sure, important, of the whole population, that after 9-12 months it could be said that a third dose is still necessary for everyone. Warning: this net of new variants of “Sars-CoV-2” that could arrive. Now, with the Delta variant and this being the case, the third dose should arrive sooner or later “. As for the hypothesis of removing the mask at school in the classes where everyone is vaccinated against Covid-19” there is no answer unique because this virus continues to change the cards on the table. Before the Delta variant – he explained – I would certainly have said yes, while now perhaps waiting for some more data would not be bad “.” Before the Delta it was absolutely logical – he repeated – while today this variant seems to be so fast and certainly succeeds to infect, but not to create disease, even in the vaccinated. It is really difficult to give an answer, precisely because the virus is changing the scientific terms “.


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