• Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Vaccines at school? What pediatricians say: “Complicated”


May 5, 2021

Covid vaccine at school? Better in the pediatrician’s office. “No foreclosure on anti-Covid vaccination for children at school, when vaccines for pediatric use arrive. But it would be easier for families to get them from their pediatrician. Just think of the fact that minors must be vaccinated in the presence of their parents, for the ‘anamnesis and informed consent, and this is rather complex to manage in schools. Giving a school vaccine is a serious organizational complication “, explained Paolo Biasci, national president of the Italian Federation of pediatricians (Fimp) to Adnkronos Salute. “Parents – explains Biasci – must necessarily be present at the vaccination act because they have to authorize, receive information, answer questions, fill in the medical history. There is a lot of talk about the approach to vaccination of the little ones but we don’t think about it. to aspects like this. The parent is an indispensable presence: who tells me if the child has taken a drug that perhaps represents, hypothetically, a contraindication for vaccination? “. For Biasci “the parent who can make an appointment with his pediatrician, in the office he usually attends – who can talk to the pediatrician who knows the child since birth and who has the clinical diary of that child on his computer – without a shadow of doubt will deem it easier. And it is undeniable that the pediatrician of free choice is the professional best suited to the task. Everything would take place with more serenity “. In this context, says Biasci, “Commissioner Figliuolo’s proposal on vaccination at school seems to me to be complicated on an organizational level: there is a need for adequate spaces, to organize timetables, to have parents who may need timetables. flexible. All elements that become simple and immediate in the family pediatrician’s surgeries. I would ask the families what they think “, says Biasci, underlining that” 80% of children and young people are in the care of pediatricians and 20% of doctors Everyone has their own doctor. And, once the vaccine is approved for the pediatric age, they can be easily vaccinated by their doctors. It is numerically feasible. Family pediatricians are about 8 thousand, we are not talking about large numbers. for each “. After all, Biasci recalls “we already have a memorandum of understanding signed, for several weeks now, to do all this”. The document was in fact signed with Minister Speranza and with the Conference of Regions for “vaccinations: of children, parents of frail subjects and those of the vaccination calendar that have not been done due to the commitment of vaccination centers on other fronts. . With that protocol we have ensured our willingness to vaccinate in our studies, to lend a hand to the system. We are waiting for the Regions to adopt it “.