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School, Sister Alfieri: “Equalitarians excluded from the Green pass? They pass abuse of power as a privilege”


Would peer schools be excluded from the Green pass verification system? “It is idiocy. They fall within the same legal discipline. They make what is actually an abuse of power pass as a privilege”, replies to the Adnkronos Sister Anna Monia Alfieri, one of the most accredited voices on the problems of the organization of training systems, explaining that “The employees of the state-owned companies are registered on the super Sidi platform which facilitates the viewing of the Green pass. The employees of the peer groups, on the other hand, are not, because the school records of the teachers of the peers only started this year”. “It was Minister Bianchi who finally started the registration. And let it be clear that the delay did not depend on us”, reports the nun since 2016, member of the School Pastoral Consultancy and of the National School Council of the CEI. In addition to injury, also insult? “The school restarts in attendance – he replies – It doesn’t matter if we have to ask each employee to show green certification every day at the entrance. control”. The application of the VerificationC19 Government according to the champion of equality among other things “could have been sufficient for everyone, especially since the state school in the secretariat has redundant staff. If the school leaders had understood the goal, they would have had no problems in management even without a platform. The goal is high. All we can do, let’s do it. ” (by Roberta Lanzara)

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