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Vaccination obligation, Sileri: “Last resort, but no vax idiots have done damage”


The vaccination obligation “must remain the last resort, but in the meantime we will have to convince all these millions of people to get vaccinated and it will take an enormous effort because the no vax, idiots, have done enormous damage, spreading lies”. Thus, in an interview with ‘Corriere della Sera’, Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri. “Just read the WHO forecasts: between now and December in Europe – he continues – Covid could cause another 236 thousand deaths, that is another 30 thousand in our country. And do you know why? There are 3.7 million Italians over 50 who they are not yet vaccinated, they have not even received the first dose. And with these numbers, if the virus does not stop, after the fourth wave we could also have the fifth “.” We will need a face to face autumn campaign. Family doctors , pharmacists, only they can convince the doubters because they have direct contact with the citizen “, Sileri continues, adding that” unfortunately there are also many no vax doctors who instill doubts. Those should be hunted quickly. And politicians too, of all the parties should go on TV and say: the vaccine saves life “. “Hoping that the vaccination obligation as the campaign progresses will not become necessary, in the meantime the green pass must be extended, in the public and private sectors, where no problems of applicability are created – observes the undersecretary -. Check it for all those who get on the bus, for example, it seems complicated to me “. “The green pass is a very effective screening method, because it also monitors the health of those who do not get vaccinated but who still have to undergo a tampon to obtain it – he concludes – Well, it is true that the prices of tampons are already controlled, but I would guarantee a number of free tests per family. “


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