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Citizenship income without requisites, 177migrants reported


Citizenship income received without having the requisites, 177 migrants reported in the operation of the Carabinieri of the Gioia Tauro Company engaged in the “Temptation” operation. Citizenship income earners were sifted through, this time in the municipality of San Ferdinando, concentrating in this case on 200 beneficiaries, for the most part domiciled in the ministerial tent city. The operation is part of the broader context of the verification activities already begun in 2020 by the Carabinieri of Gioia Tauro and which, in the operations respectively called Jobless and Jobless 2, had allowed the referral of 87 people, this time mostly Italian, some even linked to organized crime in the Plain. The latest investigations, conducted by the soldiers of the Carabinieri Station of San Ferdinando with the specialist support of the Carabinieri Labor Inspectorate of Reggio Calabria, are the result of the careful document analysis on the applications presented by the recipients of citizenship income from whose checks, carried out also through a cross-examination of the data acquired with the information present in the databases used by the Police Forces and with concrete findings on the territory, it was possible to ascertain numerous irregularities in the attestation procedures and possession of the required requirements. of citizens of foreign nationality, the main irregularity concerned the requirement according to which the applicant could take advantage of the economic benefit only if he had actually resided in Italy for at least 10 years, of which 2 years continuously. The investigation began with the quarrel of a foreigner in a Caf in San Ferdinando, a disagreement that had required the intervention of the Carabinieri to appease the spirits: the soldiers, arrived on the spot and understood the reasons for the altercation, however I realize that, in that case, the foreigner complained about the lack of perception of the form of subsidy, giving the military the suspicion that there could be many more foreigners in a situation of irregularity regarding the citizenship income. Therefore, the soldiers of the local station requested the support of the colleagues of the labor inspectorate nucleus who, through a specific database, provided the Carabinieri of San Ferdinando with the list of all recipients, in the municipal area, of citizenship income. The results indicated that about half of the migrants domiciled in the tent city had submitted an application for the special donation: compared to the 530 residents and the 250 applications submitted, an initial screening had already been carried out by the INPS which had rejected 50 requests, so The actual recipients were 200, of which 177 were deemed to be in an irregular position, or 88%. The discrepancies found made it possible to estimate the total damage caused to the state coffers at approximately 140,590.64 euros, avoiding however, thanks to the intervention of the men of the Arma who immediately began to monitor the payment of the aforementioned benefit, a further shortfall of over half a million euros (571,238.69 euros), sums that the recipients would otherwise have collected without the careful analysis carried out by the soldiers of the San Ferdinando Station. The results of the investigations were immediately transmitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Ordinary Court of Palmi, for which the 177 subjects were deferred in a state of freedom for the violation of the rules for the protection of citizenship income, also providing for the immediate communication to INPS of the names to which the payment of the emolument must be suspended . The penalties provided for by Legislative Decree 4/2019 provide for penalties that can reach up to 6 years of imprisonment.



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