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Historic shops heritage to be protected, Lazio accelerates by law


Soul of the historic center, history of entire generations, testimony of the artisan creativity that in several cases has also been able to conquer cinema and fashion, there are many historic shops that, bent by the crisis, have turned off the lights. In Rome, among others, two 90-piece pieces have already closed: the Crocianelli trimmings in via dei Prefetti, where directors such as Luchino Visconti and haute couture brands such as Roberto Capuccio have stopped and the plissé workshop of the Antonini sisters in via Quintino Sella who created Marilyn Monroe’s white dress in the film ‘When his wife is on vacation’. A destiny that, without interventions, could be shared by other historic shops in Lazio. But the Region has already prepared a bill to stop the bleeding. “Unfortunately we are facing a real phenomenon of depopulation of historic and artisan shops in the capital, especially of artisan activities over the last thirty years”, comments to Adnkronos Lorenzo Tagliavanti, director of the Cna of Lazio and president of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome. “In 1991 the Istat census recorded five thousand historic shops in the center of Rome – he explains – There was no square kilometer in the world so full of artisan activities. In 2000 there were less than two thousand in the historic center; today less than a thousand. The handicraft sector is, therefore, a sector in great suffering. Moreover, the difficulties have worsened due to the effects of the pandemic “. The causes for which historic shops close are many, “certainly that of rents has its weight”, highlights Tagliavanti. “In the city, and even more in the cities of art – observes the president of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome -, the role of craftsmanship should be enhanced. The craftsmen give life to cities and above all to historic centers. Big cities art were made by great artists who worked side by side with great artisans. The artisans allow tourists who come to the cities of art to experience the beauty and the well-made that those who can offer better than artisans “. Therefore, the regional law on the protection and enhancement of historic shops is welcome. The first signatory of the bill (No. 267 of 30 December 2020) is the parent company Pd of the Lazio Region Marta Leonori. It was signed by all the majority groups, now it is in the Budget Commission where the financial coverage of the interventions envisaged in the provision will be established. “The law – Leonori explains to Adnkronos defines first of all what is meant by historical shops, providing for their census and the creation of a regional register that takes into account the already existing municipal recognitions. It also provides for the creation of a fund for the protection and the enhancement of these shops but also of activities such as kiosks, newsstands or historical markets. In short, a law that seeks to provide these businesses with the tools to be enhanced “. “The number of historic shops in our cities is in sharp decline – warns Leonori – In Rome we are talking about about 200 today recognized on their request according to an old municipal resolution and at least as many still not recognized. let’s analyze the data of the last 30 years are even more merciless “. 4,000 have disappeared. “Numbers that make you think. These are in fact activities which, if closed, are irreplaceable losses”, says Leonori, who hopes for the text to be approved in a short time. Barring hitches, already “within a couple of weeks the text will arrive in the council chamber to be approved before the summer break,” says Lega councilor Laura Corrotti, vice president of the Budget Commission at Pisana, to Adnkronos. “The historic shops – Corrotti underlines – represent the oldest productive fabric of our society, the cradle of ancient crafts and as such are a heritage and a wealth to be safeguarded at all costs. In this sense, the approval of an ad hoc legislation it will allow us to recognize their value and support all activities through a census and the establishment of a regional list that will guarantee access to a Fund with which projects for the promotion and enhancement of historic shops can be financed. of a first but significant step to support, especially in a time of great economic crisis like the current one, Made in Italy, supporting the Municipalities in relaunching local traditions, putting all available resources into a system. our support, to ensure that it is approved quickly in the Chamber and that it is accompanied, both today and in the future, by new policies development policies for all the productive sectors of our region “. A provision, therefore, shared. On the other hand, as Tagliavanti says, “one cannot disagree on the need to prevent the heart of Rome from being emptied of any artisan activity. Recreating artisan districts and reviving workshops and creative activities is also essential to avoid the progressive museum building of the historic centers of the cities of art “. “I am convinced – concludes Leonori – that traditional businesses must be supported and can still contribute in the future, which I hope as soon as possible, to relaunch the entire sector of commercial and craft activities and tourism. recognition to those who for many years have represented in our municipalities and, especially in Rome, a bulwark and a symbol of the local economy. The signing of the proposal by many colleagues is a source of pride and I hope it will accelerate sharing in the Regional Council. For a Region alongside businesses, the territory and culture “.



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