NewsLocalCasapound, Feltri: "No to the eviction"

Casapound, Feltri: “No to the eviction”


“I do not understand why CasaPound would not have the right to citizenship while social centers are allowed to occupy without paying the rent forever. When ideas are struggling in a country, it means that something does not work. ideas, whoever has a different one immediately passes for a criminal “. Speaking is Vittorio Feltri, who, answering the questions of the deputy director of the National Primacy Eugenio Palazzini in a video interview broadcast on the key day of the Direction Revolution, the national holiday of CasaPound Italia underway in Grosseto, defends the movement founded by Gianluca Iannone and says he is against the evacuation of the palace in via Napoleone III in Rome. Feltri also talks about his candidacy as leaders for Fdi in Milan: “I will fight against the clichés of the left. Like cycle paths and electric scooters, a problem that has become grotesque in Milan”. Then a series of thrusts on the government: from Lamorgese “intimidated by her own role”, which, according to the editorial director of Libero “should be accompanied to the door with grace” but “quickly, because here in the meantime things are going well” up to Hope (“he makes me tenderness and for this very reason I would send him to kindergarten and not to the ministry”). Then, Enrico Letta, who “proved to be absolutely incapable”, and the sardines that “should be given to the cat”. The worst broadsides for the Zan bill: “In Italy you can make fun of anyone but if you say ‘fagot’ to a homosexual with the Zan bill you will go to jail – he attacks – What the hell is this law here? Why do homosexuals have to be so privileged, do they have a halo? When I have a person in front of me I never ask myself what his sexual tastes are, also because I am already busy keeping at bay what happens under my sheets, I can’t take care of what happens under the sheets of others! I don’t give a damn at all! “.


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